Tokeneo Dashboard Guide (part 6)


In history panel, the user will be able to see, find and filter his entire history of transactions within Tokeneo system. transactions will be visible only if their status is „completed” therefore they were successfully done. If not completed, pending or partially completed they will be shown in „open orders” section.


This section will consist of 4 separate tables:

  1. last trades — for but/sell orders conducted on all markets
  2. the last deposits — to view all successful deposits to Tokeneo platform
  3. last withdrawal — to view all successful withdrawals from Tokeneo platform
  4. last exchanges — to view all successful fiat exchanges done using application

by default, each table will show 5 last operations of each kind with two additional options of showing all of them and search box to browse using user’s parameter like date, status, currency etc.

table 1 last trades

column 1 — the date when the order was placed column 2 — order type ie. limit sell/limit buy column 3 — the number of bitcoins to sell/buy column 4 — limit price for execution

column 5 — current order status ie. pending / partial column 6 — cancel order button

table 2 last deposits

column 1 — date of the deposit
column 2 — currency or cryptocurrency name column 3 — the amount of the deposit
column 4 — status of the deposit

table 3 last withdrawals

column 1 — date of the withdrawal
column 2 — currency or cryptocurrency name column 3 — the amount of the withdrawal column 4 — status of the withdrawal

table 4 last exchanges

column 1 — date of the exchange
column 2 — the currency of origin
column 3 — the amount of the currency that was exchanged column 4 — target currency
column 5 — the amount of the target currency received column 6 — status of the exchange