Tokeneo Dashboard Guide (part 7)


Rewards panel will contain all available, ongoing or planned incentive schemes for tokeneo users that are meant to help us grow the community, increase user awareness, build necessary liquidity, generate volume and market our products.


we plan to implement three main types of rewards:

type 1 programs

type 2 bonuses

type 3 campaigns

type 1 programs:

programs refer to incentive schemes that were put in place and will last in perpetuity until further cancellation.

our future referral program is good example of such incentive aiming to rewards active users who help us build the community around tokeneo exchange by inviting friends using their unique referral links. Users will be rewarded for every account opened using their links. users can also be rewarded for every deposit that their friends make on our platform or for volume they generate while trading.

programs can be visible in rewards panel in three states:

announced in place permanent

  • meaning future program to be launched
  • the program that is available now
  • a permanent program that won’t be cancelled

type 2 bonuses:

bonuses refer to one-time incentive rewards that can be acquired by taking an action or completing certain tasks within Tokeneo exchange

good example of such incentive is initial deposit bonus we plan to award each time new account is funded for the first time. other possible rewards include a welcome bonus for opening an account on Tokeneo exchange or complete verification bonus for completing our 3-tier identity and documents verification.

bonuses can be visible in rewards panel in two states: available — rewards that are available for claiming completed — rewards that were successfully claimed

type 3 campaigns:

campaigns refer to incentive schemes that are meant to run for a precisely defined amount of time, for example, a month or from date 1 to date 2. after scheduled time the campaign stops.

we plan a few campaigns to be ready for the exchange launch. most important ones in regard of generating required volume and liquidity will be trader of the week/month/year renewable campaigns rewarding most active traders in terms of generated volumes.

campaigns can be visible in rewards panel in three states:

announced ongoing finished

  • meaning future campaign to be launched
  • campaigns that already started
  • those that were already concluded