Tokeneo Dashboard Guide (part 8)


Teoshare is a first of its kind system devised for Tokeneo enabling users to share profits with our exchange. The system is open for every Tokeneo user that holds the positive balance of TEO tokens in their wallet. Every 24hrs 50% of fees generated on our markets will be airdropped directly to TEO holders and deposited on their corresponding wallets.

In Teoshare panel, a user will be able to follow all relevant information regarding a current state of the system such as:


user’s current TEO balance showing the number of TEOs deposited on user’s wallet that will take part in the next payout and the system’s global TEO balance showing the total amount of TEOs deposited by all users.

The most important part of the panel will be payout breakdown or as we call it teoshare fee basket. It will contain the following:

- breakdown of all currencies the basket currently contains (ie. BTC - 0.05863821, ETH - 1.23753819, WAVES 235.26519581 and so on) to show what’s to be shared in next payout

- current combined basket value expressed in BTC and fiat currency user chooses

- the value of user’s share of the basket (calculation based on his current TEO balance)

- clock showing how much time left for next teoshare airdrop to be concluded (24hrs cycle)

Apart from this, the user will be able to check the combined value of past payouts in „payout history” section.

For users that want to check all collected data on system profitability, there will be a quick link to „statistics” and direct link to TEO/BTC market for those who want to rise their TEO balances.