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Zug, 16th of January 2020 — The Zug-based Blockchain company Token Factory has developed a secure and scalable tokenization solution powering the first regulated real estate fund in Europe. The FMA (Financial Market Authority Liechtenstein) has recently authorized it as an Alternative Investment Fund (AIF). As a technology partner, Token Factory developed the solution in cooperation with Bank Frick.

Blockchain is no longer limited to crypto-currencies such as Bitcoin or Ether: Based on the Ethereum Blockchain, so-called security tokens can be created to digitally represent various assets. In March 2019, Token Factory in Zug became the first blockchain provider to tokenize a property in Switzerland, using its blockimmo platform. In the meantime, the start-up company supports other companies in tokenizing projects that are to be announced soon. …

Zug 10th of October 2019 — During the past months we have been working with several potential clients with a strong interested in tokenization and, with that, in the solution we’ve built. Based on the valuable hands-on experience we have optimized our product suite, resulting in a clear offering and value proposition. This blog post serves those who are interested in our product and want to get a better understanding of what we offer and how it will enable you to get started in the world of tokenization.

Tokenization Partners & Service Providers

If you decide to tokenize your asset you want to work with the industry best possible providers and you most likely will select these based on previous experiences (preferred partners) or based on their track records in this emerging market. …

Overview of where we presented TokenFactory, blockimmo / STX.SWISS and a list of students with their respective thesis we have supported.
Last update: August 2020.


Upcoming Events / Speaker

Speaker enquiries are welcome:

Past Events / Speaker

Speaker: Bastiaan Don, Founder / MD of Token Factory

Zug, Switzerland — 25th of June 2019

Blucc Labs Ltd, a start-up focussing on the digitalization of assets within a lab environment, was recently established in Zug using the digital Swiss Franc (XCHF) for contribution of the company’s share capital.

The 3 founding partners transferred each one third of the required capital (XCHF 33’334.00) into the Blucc Labs smart-contract using the Token Factory solution and their respective (hardware) wallet. The company than filled for registration with the company register in Zug including the proof of capital contribution (in kind) pointing to the smart-contract holding the total sum of XCHF 100’002.00.

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Extract out of the company register (source)

Once the company was entered into the register, the XCHF funds were transferred to the company’s decentralized multi-sig wallet using Multis. …

Token Factory

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