Company: Rivetz Corp.
Year: 2013
Country of incorporation: US
Ticker: RvT
Token Sale launch: August 10 2017
Token Sale end: September 10 2017
Cap: 200,000,000 RvT (~$63 million)

The Rivetz project seeks to provide comprehensive privacy protection across mobile devices, through introducing a new cyber security token. The core technology of Rivetz (RvT) has been in development for the last three years. Now the rapid expansion of blockchain technology has allowed them to create a supporting economic model. The vision behind the Rivetz project is an ambitious one: to introduce a new security standard, based on already existing…


Company: STOX
Year: 2017
Country of incorporation: Gibraltar
Ticker: STX
Token Sale launch: August 2 2017
Token Sale end: August 16 2017
Cap: 148,000 ETH

Just a few hours remain until the launch of Stox’s “token generation event” and some observers predict that this will be a new high for the growing ICO hype. Although the project is restricted to non-US participants, there is strong interest in the sale and observers predict that it will close very quickly. The team behind Stox is looking to create a universal platform for crowd-based market predictions. This platform will provide users…

Here’s the Tokenguide review for everything that happened with the ICO and token sale market between the 22 and 28 of July. The industry experienced a few big blows in the past few days. The looming hard fork of the Bitcoin blockchain finally came to fruition, despite signs that it would not. BCC is coming on August 1st, fasten your seat belts! A SEC announcement earlier this week shook token issuers and token sale participants alike, with many wondering whether more regulations (and thus legal troubles) are inevitable. A Russian national was arrested in Greece to face charges of money…

Company: DENT
Year: 2017
Country of incorporation: Hong Kong
Ticker: DENT
Token Sale launch: July 12 2017
Token Sale end: July 26 2017
Cap: 45000 ETH


The DENT project has a revolutionary aim: to democratise mobile data. The ICO project is well under way, and is going to last until the 26th of July. In theory, this is a logical step forward for the industry. DENT is attempting to commodify the mobile data market, by creating a global exchange where the data can be traded and donated among the participants. This creates greater flexibility and avoids…

Here’s the Tokenguide review of everything that happened with the ICO market between 7th and 21st of July 2017. The last two weeks have been relatively quiet, hence our decision to issue one report instead of two. Many interesting announcements happened during the CoinAgenda conference in Barcelona, but the market has been fairly “quiet” comparatively speaking — perhaps ahead of early August and anticipated volatility.

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Successful token sales:

Tezos: Just when we thought…


Company: Tezos
Year: 2017
Country of incorporation: US, Delaware (planned non-profit at Zug, Switzerland)
Ticker: XTZ
Token Sale launch: July 1st 2017
Token Sale end: July 14th 2017
Cap: 2000 blocks
Blockchain competitors: Ethereum, QTUM, Aeternity, Dfinity
Blog and updates:
Product: Compilable code is available on Github

Tezos is, by some definitions, one of the most overwhelming ICOs to date. The crowdsale is well under way, with about 24 hours to go until the projected closing time, with over $217,000,000 contributed in both Bitcoin and Ethereum. What could…


  • Santiment, a data feed platform for cryptomarkets, closed the ICO with $12 million raise. The sale launch was postponed, but everything went well. It was the first project to partner with At the moment of launching the ICO, Santiment had a working mobile app. All the funds were collected in ETH. Crowd Emotions and social signals are still drive this market (and will be for a significant amount of time), so this is the project that users crave for. Especially when you use Bloomberg tools as your “spiritual animals”.
  • AdEx, a decentralized Ad Network…

Company: (EOS)
Year: 2017
Country of incorporation: Cayman Islands
Ticker: EOS
Token Sale launch: June 26th 2017
Token Sale end: 350 days after launch
Cap: 100,000,000 EOS tokens
Blockchain competitors: Ethereum, Ethereum classic, Waves, Lisk
Blog and updates:

Few (if any) blockchain projects have attracted as much attention and caused as much anticipation as EOS. By day five of its year-long token sale, EOS already broke through the record set by Bancor in June. The token sale has already gathered $185 million and, in absence of a cap, this upward trend will only continue…

Here’s the Tokenguide review of everything that happened with the ICO market between 22–30 June 2017. Civic and TenX are in the spotlight, but EOS and Tezos are breathing down their necks, ready to set new industry records. This is going to be a hot summer for ICOs!

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Civic (CVC): As we predicted last week, Civic smashed its $33 million token sale goal, attracting a lot of attention, including reports in mainstream media

Company: TenX
Year: 2015
Country of incorporation: Singapore
Current Total Equity Funding: $1.2M in 2 rounds from 8 investors.
Blockchain competitors: Tokencard, Mobi, Xapo, WireX, Monaco
Non-blockchain competitors: Visa, Mastercard, UnionPay, American Express
Ticker: PAY
Token Sale launch: 24 June 17
Token Sale end: 07/04/2017 or earlier
Cap: 200,000 ETH
Blog and updates:

TenX aims to solve a problem that most average people run into pretty quickly when they start getting involved in crypto: now that I’ve finally worked out how to buy the stuff, how do I spend it? Preferably, on basic and legal…


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