AMA Recap Vol.101 — — Stickman’s Battleground: Best Anti-Inflation Play-and-earn Game AMA

At 11: 00 pm (UTC) on Dec 10th, Iris Le, Head of Business was invited to be the guest of AMA in TokenHunter Official Telegram Group. During the AMA, Iris Le introduced Stickman’s Battleground and its unique advantages in detail. Iris also explained the Tokenomic model and use cases of STMAN. Not only that, but she also answered many questions from users.

STMAN | Stickman’s Battleground is a Real-time Multiplayer Survival NFT Game designed, developed, and published by HM Holding.

Iris Le’s sharing knowledge points are full, and here we will sort out the essence of AMA for everyone to review.

Q1. What is Stickman’s Battleground all about? Give us a little summary.

Iris Le: Stickman’s Battleground is an NFT game of survival with a free-to-play-to-earn model and the best anti-inflation mechanism. Its core gameplay draws heavily from Stickman and PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds. Stickman’s Battleground, published by HM Holding is a perfect combination of traditional and blockchain-based games with Play and Earn rules.

Stickman’s Battleground creates a fictional universe where players must fight and defeat other opponents to survive. The last survivor is the winner.

Players can enter the battle using their weapons (weapons obtained by viewing ads or paying fees) to earn valuable items and STMAN tokens. In-game items are all player-owned NFTs and can be traded on the marketplaces.

Q2. Why did you and your team decide to build Stickman’s Battleground?

Iris Le: Our Stickman Battleground is the pioneer game in the Stickman ecosystem. Holding a huge passion for creating a P2E game that owns addictive gameplay with high profit-making mechanics and zero inflation rate, we decide to develop Stickman battleground. With Stickman’s Battleground’s GameFi ecosystem, users can merge themselves into various exciting game experiences.

Stickman Battleground also carries a mission to improve the current P2E game mechanics and solve all the existing problems for gamer enthusiasts by bringing more exciting gaming experiences while balancing the P2E-related economy.

Q3. What makes Stickman’s Battleground better than its competitors?

Iris Le: What sets Stickman’s Battleground apart? I think it is probably due to the 5 standout USPs of the game.

1. The best anti-inflation mechanism

In Stickman, we design separate pools which are self-balancing based on the battleground of a maximum of 50 players. No matter if there are 1000 pools or even 10000 pools daily, there is no inflation rate. Players will also not be put under the competitive landscape of weapons or premium items.

2. Lowest Entry Fee Ever

The entry fee to enter a game is normally pegged to the game’s tokens. As the game thrives, the token price goes up pushing the entry price to become higher and higher. It will soon become a barrier and discourage new players from getting started with the game. In Stickman, we organize the battleground by optional size, time frame, and optional bet requested from the community and players. Players can choose battlegrounds fitting with their financial range as low as $1 and with no limit on the highest bet amount. As such, players can dive into the Stickman Universe at any price that they find to be affordable.

3. Free Play to Earn Mechanic

To apply the free play to earn in the game, Stickman’s Battleground allows players to watch game-related ads to get free plays. They then can fully engage in combat, claim prizes, and exchange rewards for STMAN tokens without having to invest money in purchases or plays. One thing to note is that each user viewing different ads will receive different amounts of STMAN token rewards.

4. Real-time Survival Gameplay

Stickman’s Battleground transformed traditional P2E games into real-time multiplayer mechanisms with 50 players per round to ensure the game attractiveness and increase the challenging rate for all players in the battleground.

5. Profitable Staking & Yield Farming Ecosystem

To maximize the benefits of token holders, building Staking & Yield Farming Ecosystem is inevitable. With Stickman’s Battleground, players can earn rewards and shared revenue through staking & yield farming pool with lucrative APR & APY along with lower or no gas fees. Our STMAN token price is set to be progressive over time. Compound interest occurs right in IDO launching.

Q4. Can you share with us your Tokenomic model? And what are some of STMAN use cases?

Iris Le: After careful consideration, we decide that Stickman’s Battlegrounds will be governed and supported by only one native and fungible STMAN Tokens on the BSC network. The STMAN token has a total supply of 230.010.000.

Our team develops a variety of STMAN usages to create an effective burning system that helps slow down the inflation rate and maintain the in-game balance over time.

STMAN’s utilities:

- STMAN for payment: STMAN Token is used as a payment method on Stickman’s Battlegrounds.

- STMAN as a reward: Free mode players can watch ads and get STMAN Tokens as rewards.

- STMAN for staking: Players can stake STMAN tokens to get rewards from our game

- STMAN for yield farming: Invest STMAN token in DeFi market and get a high ROI rate.

- STMAN for Syncing: STMAN is used as the native token for other STMAN models in Stickman’s ecosystem

Q5. What can we expect in the next 3 months from your project?

Iris Le: We have finished the first phase of our product roadmap that offers:

- Conceptualization Game

- Mechanics Characters

- Design Play Flow & Battle Mechanism

- NFT Smart Contract

- STMAN Tokens Creation

- Website Launch

In the next 3 months:

- We will get our project under extensive audits. It gives us immense pride to declare that our smart contracts are secured, thus Stickman’s Battleground prioritizes this action.

- We also intend to work on Token Staking Mechanism and

DeFi Staking/ Yield Farming to enable users to maximize their profits from the very beginning.

- Our testnet is expected to be released in the upcoming time. We hope that it will receive a warm welcome and huge support from the gaming enthusiast community.

- The next 3 months might also see the development in the multiplayer mode in P2E which enhances players’ excitement when having a fierce confrontation with a plentiful number of opponents.

The questions from community question part.

Q1. I read your homepage carefully, and I like your game design very much. But can you explain what a conceptualization game is? I don’t quite understand this point in your road map.‬

Iris Le: It’s how our game is structured.

Stickman’s Battleground creates a fictional universe where players must fight and defeat other opponents to survive. A maximum of 50 players appear on a specified map. The last survivor is the winner.

Players can enter the battle using their weapons (weapons obtained by viewing ads or paying fees) to earn valuable items and STMAN tokens. In-game items are all player-owned NFTs and can be traded on the marketplaces.

Q2. I could see that Stickman’s Battleground is a project based in Singapore. Does this mean that yours is a project oriented mainly to the Asian market, or will you aim from the beginning towards a global expansion?

Iris Le: Absolutely we aim for a global market. But as everyone knows, Asia is the birthplace of play-to-earn games. We would like to solve their end-problems and bring the best gameplay and earning model for the mass existing market.

That’s why at our early stage, we welcome all crypto enthusiasts and gamers to join Stickman’s Battleground.

The more active players join, the more game feedback collected and the more value Stickman can bring for you.

Q3. Can you tell me a little bit about Stickman’s Battleground’s future roadmap? How do you intend to introduce and recruit new people for your project?

Iris Le: In the short-term, we focus on boosting partnerships to expand our network, increase brand awareness. We already planned to launch some campaigns with our events to let our community members have early access to all benefits. We are following this orientation.

In the long run, we hope our players can be our promoter for Stickman if you love playing our game. We have a golden list program to reward all ambassadors.

Q4. The NFT provided by Stickman seems to be only NFT weapons. Does it have more value for users to buy?

Iris Le: Not only weapons, our NFT also includes Account for gamers. They can convert to NFTs and sell it in the secondary market. It’s much valuable

Q5. Do you have user manual or short videos that would guide potential users of project to safely navigate your platform?

Iris Le: Here is our gameplay demo:

We are producing some other media to help users get closer to our projects. Keep follow us and then everything about the game is revealed gradually.

Q6. Where are you tokens listed ? Have you completed listings in coingcko and cmc?

Iris Le: We will launch IDO at the end of this month, then listing on PancakeSwap and other Dapp listing. CoinmarketCap & Coingeko will be processed after all previous actions done.

Q7. Can you share your social media links so we can keep ourselves updated?

Iris Le: Here is our social media. Please keep follow and join our channels to update more information about our projects

Q8. Security is the most important thing to consider want starting up a project, how secured is this project for users and investors?

Iris Le: We organize hackathons for the game players and coordinate with security teams to patch bugs before the official launch. All versions are also thoroughly tested before being released. We also have unique mechanisms to detect and immediately stop the service when there are unusual findings from the transaction (large numbers or duplication of suspicious data).

Q9. Can you briefly describe your PARTNERSHIP so far and upcoming partnerships?

Iris Le:Currently we are process so hard on partnership with other VCs and Marketing partners. All will be published on our website: next weeks.

Q10. Which do you think is more important, sir? What is your main focus ?

A community

B. Investor

C. Token value

If all of the above are important to you, which one should come first and why ?

Iris Le: Of course community mate. We value our supporters and community members because all of you guys will support us and help us grow faster. We are trying our best to produce the best survival game ever for you.

End of AMA.

Let’s witness the future of Stickman’s Battleground !

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Founded in 2019, TokenHunter is an investment research platform positioned in the research, analysis and evaluation of primary market projects.

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