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The Web3 Korea Demo Day, hosted by AFFLUX and specially sponsored by the omnichain layer MAP Protocol, with the support of PlatON and InVar Finance and dozens of Web3 venture capital institutions, media and co-organizers, will officially kick off on March 22.
30 projects from all over the world have made it to the competition. The next project to ignite the Korean Web3 market is about to be born!

Korea is a key global market for blockchain and cryptocurrency with a significant user base, developer community and investor interest. The Korean Web3 industry spans multiple sectors including finance, gaming, entertainment, social networking and content creation. It has produced numerous successful platforms, projects and applications such as ICON, Terra, Klaytn and Solana.

We are pleased to announce the upcoming Demo Day in Korea, themed “NEW FUTURE OF WEB3”. This event will highlight the latest advancements and trends in Korea’s Web3 industry and facilitate the exchange of Web3 resources within the country. Our Demo Day presents a unique opportunity for attendees to engage with experts, entrepreneurs, and media representatives from the Web3 sector. Promising startup cases will be introduced, providing a platform for investors, developers, and users to network and collaborate.

We extend a warm invitation for you to join us at this prestigious event. Follow AFFLUX’s official Twitter account for live updates on the day of the conference. Witness firsthand the growth and development of Korea’s Web3 industry. We look forward to your participation.

The Demo Day will bring together a diverse group of participants from the crypto industry including dozens of co-organizers, nearly 30 venture capital firms, multiple media organizations and over 20 early-stage Web3 projects. The event is expected to generate significant interest with total traffic exceeding 600,000 and attracting a wide audience of both Web3 and Web2 users.

The following are 30 high-quality projects selected from nearly 100 submitted projects, in no particular order:

InVar Finance :Hybrid Finance Protocol Based On Real-World-Asset Tokenization.

Daren Market :The world’s first on-chain market for Web3 community & business

One Satoshi :Creating the next Crypto Bank

Litra Finance :Litra is creating deep NFT liquidity using advanced bonding curves and veToken model to provide NFT Liquidity as a Service and empower NFT pricing and solve the low liquidity issue of the NFT market

Muverse :Muverse is a community-driven Web3.0 interactive music platform. Muverse’s vision is to facilitate the free trade of global music NFTs.

Gameland :Gameland is a beacon for game developers to connect players socially

Bitwala :The Web3 wallet for Bitcoin.

Open Games Builders :Marketplace, GameFi, EduFi, Metaverse

OpenBiSea :Game Studio and Multi-chain NFT auctions in all-in-one place to cut any NFT deal in a few clicks

Rambox :The world’s first NFTfi automated high-yield platform will be launched soon. Positioned as an NFTfi-focused liquidity aggregation protocol, Rambox is an automated NFTfi income vault operation system.

Getaverse :Getaverse is a metaverse ecological service platform based on the Web3 digital authentication engine protocol.

Buk Technology :Buk Technology

SEER :WEB3 Social Value Discovery Protocols

Jaypigs :Jaypigs is a cross-chain NFT renting platform. We connect NFT platforms to NFT liquidity across multiple chains while lowering the barrier to entry for users and provide them with cheap utility.

Lithium :The web3 community platform. Lithium enables projects to align their communities as a lever of marketing. Through gamification, AI matchmaking algorithms, and comprehensive analytics, Lithium allows projects to quantify their community with metric such as CAC, LTV, and monetisation forecasts.

Topia :Topia is the first dStorage Layer2 based on OP. Topia will greatly improve the interoperability of smart contracts and distributed storage, scale Ethereum’s data storage capabilities while significantly reducing on-chain storage costs. Ultimately achieve fully on-chain applications and personal data sovereignty.

MetaTrust Labs :MetaTrust has built the world’s first comprehensive Web3 security solution, completely covering SDLC.

MyShell :We are building a decentralized voice chatbot platform where everyone can create their own digital twin.

Mendax :Mendax is the first platform that allows users to create games with AI in under 1 hour.

Merlin Protocol :MerlinProtocol is a cutting-edge issuance and matchmaking platform that focuses on RWA-Backed NFTs.

MEEET :A Blockchain Game Platform Based On Social Relationships. Provide massive game products and services, and jointly build an open MEEET game ecosystem.

SWAGGA :SWAGGA is a social entertainment metaverse featuring Swag-To-Earn and F.A.S (Fashion, Amusement, Social) at its core, providing one-stop immersive metaverse design and strategies for Web3 & Web2 brands to connect with target communities and individuals

EtherScore :A decentralized reputation system using Soulbound tokens

Inferna :The first gamified social media

KIP Engine :KIP is the most advanced web based 3D engine and tools for building cross-platform on-chain games.

Asteria Finance Lab :Asteria is a decentralized protocol and an incubator, building a quantitative options-based DeFi infrastructure and ecosystem. Asteria’s vision is to introduce quantitative models and trading strategies into the DeFi industry.

Dmgdata:dmgdata is Web3 Digital Marketing Data Service Provider. Aiming for DID & marketing tools.

KNN3 Network:KNN3 Network is a one-stop Web3 Data solution for d/Apps and smart contracts. KNN3 allows d/Apps & smart contracts to interact with cross-platform user-centric data in multiple algo-friendly ways.

ERA.GAME:ERA.Game is a play-to-earn turn based strategy game on the Ethereum and Polygon Blockchain. The cross-chain technology enables player assets to flow between the blockchains using a smart contract which allows the networks to interact seamlessly.

SuiPad:The Premier Launchpad for Tier 1 Projects on @SuiNetwork, with innovative Insurance Protocol, Vesting Marketplace, Staking & Tiering.

We would like to extend our heartfelt congratulations to all projects selected to participate in the upcoming Demo Day. We eagerly anticipate witnessing your exceptional performance at this esteemed event.

For those whose projects were not selected or who missed the application deadline, we encourage you to stay informed about upcoming events hosted by AFFLUX. Throughout 2023, we will be organizing various iterations of Demo Day and look forward to future interactions with you. Additionally, project teams and investment institutions are warmly invited to contact us to explore potential collaboration opportunities.

After the conclusion of the event, all relevant project information including financing details, partner requirements and a comprehensive review of Demo Day will be made available on the official AFFLUX website. We encourage all interested parties to remain vigilant and continue to monitor for further updates.

About Afflux Demo Day

We would like to express our gratitude to MAP Protocol, PlatON and InVar Finance for their generous sponsorship of this event. Everyone can register for Afflux for free and enjoy rapid flow of Web3 resources.

MAP Protocol

MAP Protocol (MAPO) is the omnichain layer for Web3. 100% Nakamoto Style cross-chain communication built on Light-client & ZK technology with zero privileged roles. By connecting both EVM and non-EVM public chains, MAPO empowers dApp developers to thrive in Web3 with a full suite of omnichain SDKs.


PlatON was initiated and promoted by the LatticeX Foundation. Based on the basic properties of the blockchain and supported by a privacy-preserving computing network, PlatON provides the next-generation Internet basic protocol featuring “computing interoperability”. It builds a computing system jointly assembled by cryptographic algorithms such as verifiable computing, secure multi-party computing, zero-knowledge proof, homomorphic encryption, and blockchain technology to provide public infrastructure under an open-source architecture for global artificial intelligence, distributed application developers, data providers as well as various institutions, communities, and individuals with computing needs.

InVar Finance

InVar Finance envisions to build hybrid financial infrastructure and platform by bridging real economy into crypto space, first launched RWA tokenization world- InVaria2222, and bring fractionalized real estate NFT as novel investment vehicle.


Afflux is a Web3 incubator based in Singapore, with branches located in Europe and North America. It was initiated by a consortium of crypto investors, Web2 entrepreneurs, and US university professors. The Afflux ecosystem consists of more than 400 blockchain projects, over 100 VCs, and a community of over 15,000 members.
Afflux means never-ending flow. We empower more early projects through active resource flow and customized services throughout the life cycle, and support project development with a diverse and extensive resource network. We will provide our customers with all the resources we can.




Founded in 2019, TokenHunter is an investment research platform positioned in the research, analysis and evaluation of primary market projects.