We live in a time where determining the truth about anything not in our direct line of sight has become next to impossible. Narratives surround us left and right, especially in the online space, where fierce information wars are fought on a daily basis. And while some argue this has always been the case (the world is nothing but perceptions right?), the onslaught of conflicting stories has been steadily gaining in strength, especially since the advent of social media. And just when we thought the internet disinformation and manipulation was bad enough, things have gotten worse… Way worse in fact.

亲爱的EOS令牌持有者, (Chinese)

我们是Tokenika,一位领先的中欧区块制作人。 我们会请求您的帮助和参与。 我们最近通过放弃大额交换选票从EOS支付的职位中删除,但我们希望像往常一样继续我们的EOS捐款。 但是,如果没有BP支付,很难让开发人员继续工作。 因此,我们希望您能更好地了解我们,如果我们值得您投票,请致电我们。 如果您这么认为,请通过投票Tokenika4eos支持我们。 谢谢。

Tokenika Block Producer在EOS发布之前一直在EOS空间方式积极开发软件。 我们的第一项工作始于2017年秋季,发布了早期智能合约测试工具,运行在EOS早期测试网上。 从那时起,我们已经涵盖了支持EOS社区的广泛活动,但最重要的是,我们专注于与开发人员合作。 在我们看来,这是帮助EOS采用并因此保护EOS令牌值的最重要的任务。

到目前为止,我们已经创建了几个非常复杂的工具来帮助EOS开发人员处理智能合约。 这些是:

We are excited to launch our first EOSFactory Bounty Testing. 10 users who complete a smart contract testing task using EOS Factory tool will win 50$ reward.

Here is the deal. EOSFactory is our flagship dev tool for smart-contracts development and testing based on Python.

To be qualified for the bounty:

  1. Install the tool from: https://github.com/tokenika/eosfactory, for the tutorial see https://eosfactory.io/build/html/tutorials/01.Installing EOSFactory.html
  2. Run the test of a smart-contract you work on
  3. Screenshot the test code and console output as the evidence for that test
  4. Claim your reward.

To claim your reward:

  1. Follow Tokenika on Medium/Twitter/FB
  2. Share the screenshot of console…

With great happiness, we wish to inform of our next release of EOS Factory 3.3.0. In this release we have added highly requested features such as:

  • Native compilation and debugging of EOSIO smart contracts.
  • Improved startup of the nodeos process: better control on stuck conditions that frequently occur.
  • Full EOS 1.8 Compatibility

Full documentation can be found here

For those who follow us closely, you might have noticed we skipped one release announcement of v 3.2.1 as they were too close apart to warrant multiple announcements.

With this release, EOS Factory coupled with our EOSIDE tool lets you use EOSIO.CDT…

EOSIDE 1.0 — the brand new EOS smart contract integrated development environment

Our new addition to the EOS developer ecosystem and the EOS Factory suite goes under the name of EOSIDE. It is a foundation for a smart-contract IDE, currently available for download as a Visual Studio Code store under this link, and the documentation is available here. It’s main function is to further simplify your developer workflow by offering a solid feature set, documentation and instructional videos.

EOSIDE main features include:

  • project standardization,
  • easy access to project archive,
  • referencing documentation and tutorials,
  • automatic availability of standard libraries,
  • dependency management,

It’s been a very busy time for us recently, and today we would like to share with you the fruits of our labour. As EOS Factory is maturing into a full-blown smart contract IDE, not only new features are added to it, but also additional layers introduced. One of such layers, we have the pleasure of announcing today, along with the new release 3.1.1 of EOS Factory.

EOSIDE 1.0 — the brand new EOS smart contract integrated development environment

Our new addition to the EOS developer ecosystem and the EOS Factory suite goes under the name of EOSIDE. It is a foundation for a smart-contract IDE, currently available for download as a…

Bear market or not, we are very happy to announce the next release of our EOS Factory v2.3
Several highly requested features got added, and also ongoing bugfixing has cleaned up some of the problems. Most importantly, we have added compatibility to the current production version of EOS, but also, see the new features below.

New features available in v2.3:

  • Compatibility with EOSIO v1.5.0
  • Support for binary version of EOSIO (while support for a source code build is maintained)
  • Smart-contract are built using EOSIO Contract Development Toolkit (CDT)
  • Support for setting account and action permissions
  • Optional nodeos output to file
  • Several bug fixes

Full documentation…

We are happy to announce yet another update to our EOS Factory codenamed 2.2. This release is to clean up the user experience and introduce a slicker installer process, as well as a few additional features.

New features available in v2.2

  • Completely removed dependence on system variables: entries in the ~/.profile or ~/.bash_profile files are no longer needed.
  • Radically improved (and simplified) installation process: the Python modules are now installed with setuptools.
  • While using EOSFactory with Visual Studio Code is highly recommended, EOSFactory has become independent from any particular IDE and does not impose any particular folder structure inside your…

As of late, we have been extremely busy delivering on our Block Producer commitments, but as the post-launch dust has slowly settled down, we are finally able to take better care of our other EOS related things.
One of which is EOS Projects, a really cool EOS index of ours that offers users deep insight into what’s going on in EOS, including github verification of posted stuff, timeline features, and other juicy bits. Definitely check it out, and post your projects there, as it will help them get more exposure. …

Since it’s barely been a few days since the release of EOS 1.3.0, it turned out that some compatibility adjustments were needed to our also very fresh release of EOSFactory v2.0.

Long story short, we would like to present EOSFactory v2.1, compatible with the latest EOS 1.3.0, but also backwards compatible with the previous EOS 1.2.x. In this release, we also managed to squeeze in a couple of highly requested features such as:

  • Local testnet running in a headless mode (this allows you to run EOSFactory in a GUI-less environment, e.g. Ubuntu Server, or via SSH).
  • All functionality ported to…


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