Statement Regarding Confido

Dear Crypto Community,

This morning we awoke to the unfortunate news that the team behind Confido has seemingly pulled an exit scam. All internet accounts related to Joost (CEO of Confido) have been deleted. Our lines of communication with the Confido have also been closed. Unfortunately, we do not have much more information regarding the situation, outside of what has already been made public.

TokenLot was hired by Confido to host their crowdsale and escrow the funds collected. The terms of our contract require all ICOs listed on our platform to show proof of token creation and distribution of tokens to investors, before the release of ETH collected during the ICO. On November 7, Confido demonstrated all evidence needed for the release of funds from escrow.

We have reviewed all previous emails and conversations to try and find any clues that might lead us to the actual people behind this scam. Fortunately, we have stumbled across one very positive lead. Blockchain analysis shows that the ETH that was collected and transferred to Confido, ended up being sent to an account with We have been in contact with Bittrex Management and they have confirmed that the account the ETH was sent too is an account where Enhanced KYC Verification was authenticated. Additionally, we are also in contact with KuCoin and gathering all intel we have for Joost and the possible team behind Confido.

Unfortunately, Bittrex’s privacy policy requires a law enforcement request to release customer information, so we can’t get any more information at the moment. We are currently in the process of filing a report with the FBI to help rectify this situation.

The TokenLot Team