Tokenomy Referral Campaign — Invite your friends to join our token sale and get FREE TEN tokens!

Jan 24, 2018 · 2 min read

In addition to our our Tokenomy Bounty Program here, we have organised a Tokenomy Referral Campaign.

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If your friend or family register for Tokenomy’s token sale using your unique referral link and buy TEN tokens, you will receive 10% of the purchased amount in TEN!

Through this Bounty Program, we aim to grow our community with you.

How to participate:

The Tokenomy Token Crowdsale runs between 15th January 2018 until 12th February 2018 and the Referral Campaign will run throughout the crowdsale and post-sale.

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3. Then you will find your unique referral link

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4. Share your referral link with your friends. You can share it on your Facebook, Twitter and any other channels

5. Your friend registers for an account using the link and purchases TEN tokens

6. For every purchase, you will receive 10% commission in TEN tokens!


  • 10% of the purchased TEN tokens


  • There is no maximum limit on how many people you can invite
  • A user must click on and register via your referral link and purchase the tokens for you to eligible for the reward
  • The reward only for 1 layer as our gratitude towards the community that help us spreading the good news
  • The reward tokens will be distributed after 2018/03/01 after all the sold tokens are distributed
  • Even if you do not purchase any TEN tokens, you will be eligible for the reward if TEN is purchased by someone who registered via your referral link

Thank you for your participation and contribution.

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