Create the EOS/IOST/BOS Account through PayPal on TokenPocket

Mar 13 · 2 min read

We are happy to announce that TokenPocket has supported create the EOS/IOST/BOS account through PayPal, So far you can create the account through PayPal, Alipay, friend and contract on TokenPocket.

How to Use it?

# Select the Foundation first, pick one from EOS, IOST, and BOS.

  1. Chose to [Create Wallet]>[Create by Code], then set up your account name and password, and tap [Get Code] which links to a payment page.
  2. Fill your Email on the page and complete the payment, then you will receive an Email from
  3. please check the spam on your mailbox in case you miss it, at last input the code on the [Create Wallet] page to activate your account.

Questions you may ask?

1. Will the TokenPocket knows the account I created?

Don’t worry, we won’t get this information.

2. What should I do if I get trouble in creating the account?

Leave a message to our admin on our official telegram or send us an Email, our official Email is

Start your journey of discovery

  1. Download TokenPocket from App Store or Google Play
  2. Go to [Discover] > [DApps]

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