3 steps to get your 3.3 million unregistered EOS back

Confirm that your tokens are unregistered,then get an EOS Public/Private key,lastly use this EOS account to receive your unregistered tokens.

Oct 10, 2018 · 2 min read


  1. Go to https://eosauthority.com and enter your ETH address to see that whether you are one of the wallets that are on the unregistered list.

2. Get a Public/Private key on this page for free.

3. Enter your new EOS account information on this page and sign with Metamask.

4. Wait for EOS Authority to help you active this EOS account, all the unregistered EOS will put into this EOS account.

5. Download TokenPocket On Google Play or App Store.

6. Import your EOS account into TokenPocket, which has the Best DApp Store for EOS Ever, please enjoy it.


1. What are unregistered EOS Tokens?

Registration or “Mapping” was the process to move your ERC-20 tokens from your ethereum wallet to the EOS Mainnet when it launches.

A tiny fraction of the Supply balance 0.3% to be exact did not complete registration, nor did they have fallback applied to them.

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The largest multi-blockchain one-stop wallet based #EOS #ETH #IOST #BOS #ENU and etc, also the dapps platform of the world. https://www.tokenpocket.pro/

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