TokenPocket,the New Innovation of EOS Wallet

Since early this year, the first version of TokenPocket released, now we have over 350K users around the world. we root in the devs and users community, we believe technology and user are the first.

We are technology-oriented teams, so we have been guiding the development trend of EOS wallet. like we are the first mobile EOS wallet to support Ram Exchange, support DApps and other key features. Also, we have the most comfortable interactive experience.

TokenPocket is available on App Store or Google Play,and we have supported more than 5 languages including Chinese, English, Japanese, Korean and Spanish.

1. Digital Asset Steward

Secure and powerful, encrypt your wallet.

System Tools

  1. Ram Exchange
  2. Resources Management
  3. Voting for BPs & Proxies
  4. Whitelist Settings
  5. Permissions Settings

Create Account

  1. Creat by contract
  2. Creat by friends
  3. Creat by myself

Other Features

  1. Observer Mode
  2. Delayed Transaction

2. Portal of DApp Ecosystem

Find the DApp you love and you need.

The most popular DApp Store in the world, new DApps are updating every day. Thanks to the TP devs community, when they have new ideas or difficulties, they will always communicate with us.

Besides, we have compatible with Scatter, that DApps built-in Scatter can perfectly run on TokenPocket only need to adapter the mobile UI. For those who want to achieve more powerful features, we have provided TP JS SDK.

3. Convenient Management of Resources

Staking, reclaim, renting and trading, are all here.

  1. Easy stake and reclaim CPU/NET
  2. Renting from the third-party provider
  3. Buy and sell RAM in one tap
  4. RAM chart provides the real-time data

4. Fast and Easy Transfering

Various transfer methods and check your recent history.

We have three options offer to users to send tokens, ordinary transfer, send to contacts and send by QRCode. below the page, there is a history list of recent transfers.

When inputting the transfer amount, it will show your balance and auto full the max amount by tap the ‘all’ label. lastly, it can set transfer time to a delayed transaction.

Start your journey of discovery

  1. Download TokenPocket from App Store or Google Play
  2. Go to [Discover] > [DApps]

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