Крипто-кошелек 4-го поколения Klever теперь доступен для загрузки на iOS и Android. Klever построен на революционно новой технологии Klever OS, а также на множестве новых функциях, обновлениях и улучшениях. Вклады токена KLV под 16% годовых теперь доступны для каждого! Кроме того, был запущен полностью переработанный и обновленный веб-сайт klever.io.

Приложение Klever — Что нового?


Пошаговое руководство по торговле на TronTrade с помощью приложения Klever.

Прежде чем начать торговлю, убедитесь, что у вас установлено приложение Klever, и активирован кошелек Tron. На вашем балансе должен быть TRX чтобы ваш аккаунт активировался и у вас были средства для оплаты сетевых сборов блокчейна Tron.

  • Приложение: Установите приложение KLEVER

Tokenport.org — Development progress.

We aim to make our service the most convenient tool for daily work with your tokens. You can manage your assets quickly and efficiently based on important market indicators using Toneport. …

GuildChat happy to announce the first winner of the PUBLIC GROUP CONTEST:

The public group, available on GuildChat is the official chat from Tokenport.org. Tokenport goals is to provide the community with a complete management tool for it’s own assets. In their group users can submit their feedback, discuss the markets or talk about trading. Defintely a group you shouldn’t miss in your list!

➡️ Join TokenPortApp on GuildChat ⬅️

To support this group, BitGuild will donate TRX to TokenPortApp, which will be dropped in the chat. So don’t miss this coin drops!

Also for every retweet on this tweet, 2 TRX will be dropped later this week! #RETWEET

➡️ Check the Tweet here! ⬅️

Stay tuned, tomorrow we are back with the next winner!


Аnd a bonus program to support communities

We launched a bonus program for projects whose communities were most active during the voting week. Every week we will choose 3 projects whose communities were most active. The three leaders will have a bonus placement of their information banner in the ratings…

Like any other project, Tron, for all its greatness, has one weighty drawback. You will never find critical reviews in official sources and news feeds of Tron projects. Our goal is to provide community with an objective picture for making independent decisions.

Due to the suspension of TronWatch.market, all tokens that are listed on PoloniDEX, TronTrade and Play Royal Exchange will officially listed on TokenPort.org. Other tokens that are not listed on the above exchanges retain the status of a Custom tokens.

We have finished summarizing token ratings contest. All users who voted during the period from the 10th of October to the 15th of October of the current year,got a chance to become winners and receive a reward. Addresses of winners are listed below. All 5 winners will receive 10 thousand…

We have started working actively on the token page update. This feature will be useful for every token holder on the TRON Network. We look forward to the support and cooperation of token creators in providing additional info regarding their projects. Add, update and maintain any token info using Tronscan or TokenPort App.
Constant information improvement and support is the sign of actively developing and dynamic project, and this is the path we will continue to pursue.

-Asset Capitalization
-Number of token holders in comparison with previous periods.
-Token price and volume analysis based on three leading TRON Network DEXes
-Number of transactions
-Price analysis: 24h High and 24h Low
-Top 20 token holders list and their trading activity including portfolio dynamics.

Some of these features are already active, next ones is coming soon. Please leave your comments and suggestions.
We are open to new ideas!


Here you will be able to easely manage all your available assets.

By default the “Portfolio” section will have trading pairs with all available tokens on your account balance. Furthermore, you will be able to track your personal Portfolio, it’s capitalization and have access to the latest Twitter news and upades from token creator Teams.

TokenPort App

TokenPort is a Tron Dex aggregator and makes trading experience of your favorite tokens easier than ever! https://t.me/TokenPortGlobal

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