Alibaba Denies any cooperation with TRON or investment in Justin Sun


Leading: It is never easy to change human’s future. Those who can face the blood-thirsty capital deserve the title of warrior. — — Justin Sun

Crypto Gazette reported that Alibaba will cooperate with TRON as its main network was put into use. However, some insider asked one of Alibaba’s executive about the cooperation, and the latter denied it at once. According to the executive, Alibaba had no cooperation with TRON, nor Justin Sun was Jack Ma’s student. Sun was only one of the 30 students in Lakeside University co-founded by Ma, and there was so such a teacher-student relationship between them.

Justin Sun, also known as Sun Yuchen, is a household name in crypto circles. The dazzling titles in the description of this post 90s young man descriptions in baidu baike dwarf many peers. What is more admiring to many, also a title he takes most proud of, is “the best disciple of Jack Ma”.

No one knew clearly when did such a title come up. The earliest record we could ever find was an interview in Super Talk Show on May, 12th, 2015, after Sun had been admitted to the Lakeside University, where he called himself “the best disciple of Jack Ma”. He made a lot of impressive remarks, such as he knew nothing about this university until he was invited by Alibaba to study here, his educational philosophy coincided with that of Ma, and the difficulties he met were even beyond Ma’s reach and so on. In the end of this interview, he said, “It may be impossible for many to become the next Jack Ma, but they can become the next Justin Sun if they try.”

English Translation: At that time, Alibaba had invited me to Lakeside University which I have never heard before.

English Translation: Alibaba and I have a solid relationship.

Since then, every title of report on Justin Sun would undoubtedly start with “The Best Disciple of Jack Ma”.

But Sun has never failed to raise controversies in the crypto circle. Early in this year there were rumors accused Sun of plagiarizing when he was in university. Then he was doubted by media that TRON’s whitepaper copied others’ idea. The super representative election was said to take advantage of EOS for public attention. What’s more, the ex-COO of TRON, Liu Ming has turned his fire on him.

It even drew the attention of Old Cat, the CEO of Big ONE. According to an insider, Old Cat made no comment on their argument, but he shared an article titled EX COO of TRON Liu Ming: Sun Yuchen even put me at the risk of violating the law and made such a comment: Though I have no personal grudge with someone, but I am unwilling to have any contact with him, even to touch his things. I refuse to get involved with him. Regarding what he has done, anyone with a logical mind can see that he is s man of no principle. So I will silently put those who are highly dangerous in my blacklist.”

No matter what labels, such as “ctrl+c man” or “Crypto Yueting Jia” others gave him, Sun has been always at the center of controversy. As the tested main network launched online on May 31st, we hope that this post-90s entrepreneur can achieve what he said in the whitepaper, to “lead TRON to the place of eternal”.

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