Interview with development team of FOMO3D–TeamJust

Aug 9, 2018 · 4 min read

Recently, Tokenposting and EOT protocol has an interview with development team of FOMO3D-TeamJust who called themselves the most plagiarized team in the history of blockchain.

Q1: How do you come out with the name TeamJust?Any story behind it?

TeamJust:Getting “JUSTED” is a common internet meme relating to making a decision that ruins you based upon your own actions. In general, as we’re ironic developers (we create things that break cryptocurrency rules). The joke is that we JUST you when you play our games. When in reality the players who play our content have become very wealthy over the popularity of what we make.

Q2: How was the TeamJust founding story?

TeamJust:I accidentally encouraged the other founding developer (mantso) to play a game that crashed to 0. We decided we could do better.

Q3: What are you working on Now? What’s your next plan?

TeamJust:Team JUST doesn’t release plans or roadmaps. Since we develop fully functioning products and release them we work the inverse of other cryptocurrency. Where most crypto wants an ICO to raise 100m dollars to make a product. We make a product and it gets 100–500m dollars in volume. It’s trustless because we already created it, you don’t have to pay into us making it.

Q4: You know there are lots of Copycats of TeamJust’s project? Like POWL(proof of Weak legs) POWM, etc.Not to mention countless copy version of FOMO3D, How do you guys see it?

TeamJust:A lot of copycats is an understatement. Did you know that EOS copied our P3D model to use for EOS ram? As far as we know we are the most widely copied development team in the history of blockchain. The only thing we can say comes close is the generic token template everyone copy pastes to make custom tokens. The trick is, when we make our games we understand that we as developers cannot be greedy, and we change the math to ensure that we are not greedy. When developers copy our products they do so with greed and a desire to capture some of the success that we have. When you build a decentralized game based on greed, it never succeeds.

Q5: We found out a lot of hidden eggs in your game, such as the Vaporwave,Jekyll Island,Strip girl etc. The mysterious picture released from discord shows some interesting clues related to the secret meeting in Jekyll island. Are you guys going to build up something like a Fed Reserve on top of Ethereum?

TeamJust:Could be, it’s not my secret to tell.

Q6: Which Vaporwave artwork is you guys’ favourite? The wallpaper in Fomo OS (256bit)?

TeamJust:Is an aesthetic choice, i don’t think we have a favorite.

Q7: Are you guys holding some cryptos? If so, what are they, how do you see btc,eth,eos etc?

TeamJust:There’s a very strong and powerful rule that i advise our community on with investment in cryptocurrency. Could you replace this token with Tether (USD Surrogate) and see the same result? If the answer is yes, then truly it’s an absolutely worthless asset and just a cash grab by a cryptocurrency developer. I can count on one hand the number of currencies that serve a purpose that tether could not, and without fail these currencies always gain market value in relation to the others.

Q8:. How do you guys thinking about the current state of Dapps?

TeamJust:They’re a mess, ethereum really suffers from a lack of scam prevention. They’re a revolutionary technology but they don’t have decentralized laws in place to moderate them, making them an extremely dangerous gamble. While some developers are honest and fair they are overshadowed by the absolute sea of theft.

Q9: Some suggestion for people working in the blockchain industry/ Dapps or in general.

TeamJust:Don’t open source your game, it’s one of those ideas that is a lofty imaginary vision of what humans could be and should be, but in practice greed ruins it. If you are building something truly impressive and spent a large amount of time building it. Close source as much as you can. I say this as someone who has watched 20–30k eth scammed off others as a result of us open sourcing our code. We can’t prevent it, and it’s a personal burden every time another one is released and hurts people.

Q10: Please provide a team photo if that’s possible (Could wear a mask or cover something if you guys want to stay low key)

TeamJust:No. We are fully anonymous.

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