Connect, Collect, and Experience: Unveiling the Power of tokenproof’s New ‘Discover’ and ‘Collection’ Features

2 min readJun 2, 2023

In our steadfast quest to create better user experiences, we’ve developed two new features that enable users to feel a greater sense of ownership over their on-chain identity, discover unique experiences they didn’t know they could unlock, and find new communities and brands that are creating exciting opportunities to offer their fans utility.

Discover: Embrace the Possibilities

Tapping through to the “Discover” view, you will be able to explore what communities and brands are up to, opening new doors to spaces you’ll be eager to connect with. As the heart of web3’s experiential wallet, our aspiration is to provide you with a seamless journey of discovery, where convenience and utility converge.

Previously where you may have had to go through various channels to find experiences hosted by your communities, we’ve neatly curated these exciting tokenproof-powered activations into one convenient hub within the app’s “Discover” view. No more hassle, just seamless access to a world of new opportunities, right at your fingertips.

As a holder, you will be able to intuitively claim tickets straight from the app, offering you an unparalleled opportunity to unlock a world of experiences without juggling through multiple platforms. Our app puts the power of instant ticketing in the palm of your hands, all while keeping your tokens secure. tokenproof empowers you to unlock unforgettable moments without compromising your peace of mind.

Unwrapping Your Digital Collection (Coming soon)

We understand the importance of keeping track of your assets, which is why we incorporated a “Collection” feature, where you will be able to see every NFT you own across all of your tokenproof-connected wallets. Minted POAPs and airdropped NFTs will appear in the Collection view in real time, creating a gallery of your holdings, and the activations and experiences you’ve participated in. By instantly getting to see your earned collectibles — many of which may bring you future rewards — directly in the tokenproof app, you can get a better glimpse of your evolving web3 experience.

We aim to develop tools that spotlight some of the clear benefits of web3 to the crypto-curious, and help elevate existing users’ experiences. Our app’s new “Discover” feature, coupled with the seamless integration of a comprehensive “Collection” view, empowers users to embark on a transformative journey of exploration, connection, and curation. With the power to effortlessly discover a diverse range of events, both online and in real life, users can unlock a world of possibilities.




tokenproof connects Web3 to the world by powering token-based experiences that connect fans with the communities and brands they love, both online and IRL.