tokenproof and NEAR Foundation: Redefining Web3 Accessibility and Sustainability

2 min readAug 22


Token-based experiences are making a huge leap forward with the announcement of tokenproof’s partnership with NEAR Foundation. Integrating tokenproof into the NEAR Protocol Blockchain Operating System — one of the leading blockchain ecosystems — is bringing developers together to make the decentralized internet more accessible.

In addition to NEAR users now being able to connect their easy-to-use wallets to the tokenproof app to unlock exciting online and IRL experiences, all developers and brands building on the NEAR ecosystem will now have the ability to integrate tokenproof into their projects.

The partnership between NEAR Foundation and tokenproof significantly elevates sustainability in web3, with tokenproof making the accessibility and utility of the open web effortlessly tangible through NEAR’s highly scalable, energy and cost efficient technology.

Beyond the live-event token-gating that put tokenproof on the map as web3’s leading experiential platform, NEAR users now have the ability to unlock a full slate of token-enhanced capabilities, including:

  • Token-enabled commerce using Shopify integration, personalized offers, and ability to embed authentication into any consumer-facing app
  • Gated digital content made specifically for token-holders
  • In-app experiences powered through the Interactive Experiences layer
  • A Discover feature that puts events and digital experiences on the map for tokenproof users and lets them claim or access opportunities directly from the app

Learn more about our experiential toolkit by visiting the tokenproof website and by contacting

NEAR Foundation and tokenproof are jointly dedicated to making web3 accessible, transparent, and sustainable. And with a joint mission of onboarding a new cohort of crypto-curious users into the open web, tokenproof is eager to welcome communities ready to introduce members to new possibilities realizable through blockchain technology.

As tokenproof continues to develop exciting opportunities with brands thriving within the NEAR Protocol, the project would also love to hear from more communities that are interested in building closer relationships to their supporters through increased utility.




tokenproof connects Web3 to the world by powering token-based experiences that connect fans with the communities and brands they love, both online and IRL.