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Monitoring social activities around multiple projects is quite a task. To make it easier for binance users TokensRecord team had developed a trading tool that combines data about recent twitter posts, events connected to projects and changes in price, twitter subscribers and telegram group members of respected projects listed on Binance Crypto Exchange. — you can see trading tool for Binance listed projects.

Take a look at main table with data described above:

The table contains following columns:

Project — project title and link to project detailed page

Symbol — symbol on exchange and link to exchange market

Price — current price

Change — change of the price during last 24 h

Ev.2w — event counts for next 2 weeks with a link to full list of evenst for selected project

Tw.7d — last 7 days tweet count and link to tweets

TwFol — number of twitter followers

Tw24h — change in twitter followers count during last 24 hours

TgMemb — telegram group member count

Tg24h — change in telegram member count during alst 24 hours

Now lets review the right column section with following tabs available:

Events — list of closest events connected to projects listed on Binance

Tweets — list of latest tweets of the projects listed on Binance

Twitter followers — graph with changes of twitter followers for projects listed on Binance

Telegram members — graph with changes of telegram group members of projects listed on Binance.

Events for projects listed on Binance
Latest tweets of projects listed on Binance
Graph of changes in twitter followers count for projects
Graph of changes in telegram group members count for projectcs

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Take a look at trading tool for projects listed on Binance

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