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Feb 27, 2018 · 2 min read
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ICO video reviews

It is an important thing to get a lot of views for your youtube video review during first hours after you make it public. Youtube identifies videos that get more audience and promotes them so you get even more views.

Posting your video reviews on website with your target audience is one of the ways. You should definetly try sharing your video within online communities of crypto investors in Reddit, Telegram groups. Do your own telegram channel to promote videos.

Another free way to promote your video is to post it on as a video review for a project. Here is a short instruction how to do that.

  1. Find the project you did video review for. Go to ICO directory and use search field to find the project you are looking for.
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ICO directory search on

2. Find video review section on the project page and click “Add New Video Review”:

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Video review section on project page on

3. A popup will appear where you should enter Title of your video review, your comment (short description), youtube url and upload cover image.

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Add ICO video review section on

Do not enter name of the project in the title because it will be automatically added by our system.

Your video will appear on project page after approval of our team.

Do only honest ICO reviews to make your content more attractive to our community.

Good luck with your youtube channel!

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