What fact about your project you should add as green flags?

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Mar 15, 2018 · 2 min read
Make your ICO successful using green flag section on TokensRecord

To make it easier for the community to review your ICO add fact described below about your project in Green Flag Section on TokensRecord.com. Things you add should answer following questions:

  1. Do you work with your team together? Any photos of your office, team together (preferable on an event) will work.
  2. Do you have an MVP? Share with us links to your mvp and a short instruction how we can test it. You can also share an article describing details on how it works.
  3. Where is your company registered? Share with us some details, make an article with document scans and share with us the link as a green flag.
  4. Where we can track development process of your system? Share with us github repository link and short description on your updates.
  5. Do you have a vesting schedule for team/advisors/bounties? Add it with a proof link to a page where it is described on your website, twitter, bitcointalk.org
  6. Do you plan to have smart contracts? Did you do security audit? Short description + proof link.
  7. Team members experience proved with links to website not connected to your project or your partners, or screenshots of certificates/rewards/etc.
  8. Projects your team members took part in. Please specify proof links that can show without any additional research your position.
  9. If you have somebody well known from the industry (like a CEO from a popular project) mentioned as an advisors please provide screenshots and a proof link where this person says he/she is an advisor of your project.
  10. Specify your expense distribution: where will investors money go? Will they be used for cash-outs? :)
  11. Explain your token distribution model.
  12. Technical details. Try to explain in less than 300 characters advantages of your project. Use several Green Flags to explain different parts.
  13. What type of protection do your investors get? Do you sign any agreement with them?
  14. Add any other important information that can prove importance of your project to the community and how it will change the world.

Keep in mind that your Green Flags added will be reviewed and judged by the community and if your proofs will be not be strong enough you will have to get into additional conversation in comments on green flag page.

Green Flag section: https://tokensrecord.com/greenflags

Add Green Flag: https://tokensrecord.com/addgreenflag

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