What should you do if you got a red flags on tokensrecord.com?

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Feb 12, 2018 · 3 min read
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ICO Red Flag Severity.

This article is written for projects and their teams members that are doing ICO and for some reason got one or several red flags on tokensrecord.com.

What should you do in that case?

First, you need to understand that even best projects right now have red flags and still due to the massive hype around all ICO industry they are raising money. You need to be transparent and understand the weakness in your marketing or documents.

The second important thing to remember is that if there is a red flag mentioned somewhere, then investors already discussed it before. It might happen that you were not aware of that. Now you are.

Take a look at the seriousness of the red flag you got. There are four main types of severity :
1) Low Severity Level
2) Medium Severity Level
3) High Severity Level
4) Very High Severity Level

Let`s start from the worst one which is “Very High Severity Level.” If you got that one from our community, then you need to address it right away. First, understand what the problem is. You can send us an email at ico[at]tokensrecord.com to ask additional questions. Getting very high CO severity level means that somebody from the community sees you as an uncovered scam.

High Severity Level usually connected to copypasting, banning chat members for asking questions you do not want to answer and many more. The situation is close to previous one. Understand the problem. Get it solved. Let everybody know.

Medium Severity Level. This type of red flag means that there is something suspicious noticed around your project. Most ICOs want to get back holders of their tokens and most of the investors want to quickly sell your tokens after ICO at a higher price making x3, x5, x10, x100. We do not like this situation but you gotta live with that. This fact brings a lot of cases like huge bonus or discounts for early contributors, unfair token sale process when not all everybody can participate even if the project needs a community to grow, etc.
Low Severity Level red flags are connected to mistakes done during the preparation of your ICO that can harm general impression any investor will get. Just solve it and move on.

The workflow that you should follow if you got a red flag:
1. Understand the problem.
2. Solve it.
3. Let us know, so we will mark it as solved.

What you should not be doing:

  • trying to get into unnecessary discussions proving you are right;
  • threatening community members (that will go public very quickly);
  • sending a bunch of bounties supporting your position;
  • sending emails to us every minute.

Doing anything mentioned above will lead you to be part of our report with a list of projects everybody should avoid. Believe us we do not want to do that and we hope we will never have to write a report like that.

We want to let you know that getting a red flag and quickly solving it can help your project gain more rating because you are responsive to the community feedback.

This article brought to you by TokensRecord Team.

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