TokenRoll MVP is live!

After the release of our official documents, we have been working unrelentingly in order to release our MVP. We took things a step further this time. Hereby we invite you to experience a decentralized game on TokenRoll platform and live the privilege of online betting in the most secure and fair way possible:

If you have any questions about the MVP or need assistance, please reach out to us on our Telegram channel.

In this article we will share some insights about the most important features of our MVP and some tips to help you get on your way. Please bear in mind that our portal uses the Ropsten Ethereum testnet at this stage.

What can you do in our MVP?

A quick start on how online gambling can be achieved entirely on blockchain technology is what we achieved by our MVP offering the basic features listed below:

  • It’s a “Roll A Dice” game but this time number scale is from 0 to 100.
  • First, decide on the bet size in ETH. The amount of anticipated return changes and displayed on the right-bottom corner.
  • Make a bet! The number of your choose will be the maximum amount the roll can get. For example picking 1% actually means the result is going to be less than or equal to 2. Since it is a small scale therefore a higher risk, the amount of profit gets higher as well. Moving towards 99% the possibilities are increasing which decreases the ROI.
  • ROLL!

What distinguishes TokenRoll as a decentralized online casino is the technology offering the most fair gameplay. HOW?:

  • There is almost always an unfair intervention coming from various sources. Rolling a dice can easily be manipulated but not here. TokenRoll uses smart contracts which calls for a random hash from Smart contacts as secure and automated infrastructure tools, eliminates such risks. Especially in the real product, key points will be audited and implemented by them constructing a digital casino ecosystem.

Ropsten testnet

Instead of Mainnet, the MVP uses the Ropsten Ethereum testnet. You can test the MVP by injecting test ETH to make sure its functionality. The easiest way to add test ETH to your wallet would be by installing MetaMask (a browser extension for Chrome, FireFox, Opera and Brave). When finished setting up a wallet, you should switch your network to Ropsten:

In order to get test ETH, you’ll need to visit a faucet, which you can do by following this link: There you can press this button to receive 1 ETH in your MetaMask wallet:

Tip: you can request more test ETH if necessary; up to a total of 10 ETH in your MetaMask wallet.

What’s next?

In the coming day we will announce how our new technical model which is working on sidechain will provide a grounbreaking update to decentralized gambling platforms. From now on we will update you weekly on our development progress through Medium, our Telegram channel and our ICO website.

Ask anything or just say “hi” and we would be happy to get in touch!

TokenRoll Team