Every revolutionary technology that changes the world passes through the stages of acceptanc

Aliaksandr Horlach, Co-founder of TokensGate

Every revolutionary technology that changes the world passes through the stages of acceptance and dissemination in society. As usual, with the criticism and denial in the beginning, cryptocurrencies with blockchain technology at the core did not immediately receive acceptance of the world. Gradually they developed in different stages. History knows many examples, whether it was the first aircraft, or the Internet, caused some people to get angry. This is normal and there are many reasons for this, starting with the fear of something new and ending with drawing an indirect analogies from the past.

The next step was serious discussions on practical applications and the advantages of cryptocurrencies for the implementation in various types of transactions, and the blockchain as a system for secure data exchange.

Conditions have arisen on how technologies must work to continue their development. This is how the stage of bargaining took place. A lot of people already regret that they did not bind themselves to the markets of cryptocurrency and blockchain at anearlier time. And at the moment, the market has reached the stage when everyone is working with cryptocurrencies: from professional investors to housewives. As a result, the potential of blockchain has become obvious even for people who are inextinguishably versed in technology.

You do not need to have detailed studies to see how in the past two years there has been a strong expansion of cryptocurrency in our lives. The market grew so fast that there was a sharp shortage of new products and services that could become animportant part of the whole ecosystem. ICO projects are just those who are planning that their own products and solutions will fill the “voids” which appeared on the market, as well as will give it a “continuation” by integrating fundamentally new applications. Thus,

TokensGate also took its role in this ecosystem, where with a growing number of ICOs, there are needed solutions which are specific to asset management funds with deep expertise to help in investors choose the most profitable strategy.

Aliaksandr Horlach