Tokens and ICO mechanism will be used by traditional companies

Szymon Piekarz, Co-founder of TokensGate

Currently the ICO mechanism is mostly used by companies that want to build a blockchain technologies, mostly on very early stages. Over the last months that situation changed and with a popularization of cryptocurrencies and ICOmechanism more and more companies look at blockchain as a way to be funded.

That‘s how the idea of utility token was born. People put their own traditional economy system inside the project into blockchain reality. The blockchain reality not only financed some good utility token projects, but navigated the ICO system into creating a new token economy model. A connection between Exchanges and In-App purchases strategy.

Current cryptocurrency investors using that strategy can not only estimate the trading price based on exchanges but also the pricing that company will use inside their own ecosystem. In some way it secures the value of a token.

That strategy is interesting, because it touches the real economy helping to build a value over the assets that are used in something… in the company economy. That‘s why in the near future traditional companies will use blockchain and cryptocurrency community to build an ecosystem of the future which is based on top of blockchain.

I believe that this will also evolve with creation of new type of cryptocurrency investors that are focused on tokens/cryptocurrency that build a value outside the exchanges

Szymon Piekarz