We are now witnessing the paradigm shift in case of financing innovative projects

Piotr Danelski, Co-founder of TokensGate

I strongly believe we are now witnessing the paradigm shift in case of financing innovative projects. As an angel investor with about 50 deals experience, I have been looking into ICO mechanism more and more over last 2 years. As blockchain started becoming nowadays even mainstream topic, initial coin offering became go-to tool of capital fundraising and shifting to blockchain architecture for innovative teams and businesses.

Blockchain changes the way we perceive business and how it operates. A lot of old-school financial world is having challenge unravelling new-school financial world where crowdsale replaces IPO process, weeks replace months, white paper becomes a legal work. For early-stage investors like me who are looking for best returns and accepting biggest initial risk, ICOs are perfect toolsto dynamically select and fund most promising high-tech opportunities.

I believe almost all real businesses will eventually need to switch to or adapt a blockchain infrastructure to stay or become competitive during next 5 years. Businesses trying to tokenize themselves during blockchain adaptation via ICO in upcoming years may become pioneers and new leaders of digital industries for whole next decades.

Apart from this, ICOs — of course if selected carefully and put in a diversified portfolio — are as well a perfect tool for financial investment giving chance to participate not only in new-born economy of future but also in potentially very high rates of returns where being first for investors is generously awarded with significant discounts for cash-flow participation and business services.

For me the cryptocurrencies world is less about finding the next Bitcoin-like investment opportunity but more about dynamically creating and funding future global leaders of blockchain-based economy which may become next Apple, Facebook or Google with its shares in form of tokens publicly and transparently traded on newly created stock exchanges. The digital world is changing and comparing the ICO world to bubble is like denying Internet still exists after dot-com crisis.

Piotr Danelski