STM — a token that rises in price every 10 minutes by using the ATCP technology introduced in Stoxum HDEX.

What is STOXUM?

  • A hybrid system adopting the best of centralized and decentralized exchanges
  • Full transparency with reports on all transactions
  • Top-5 cryptocurrencies available for trading at the start
  • Innovative voting system for adding coins
  • Up to 2 new coins added every month
  • 100% dividend revenue for all tokens holders
  • Affiliate program with the highest allocations
  • White Label solution to launch your platform
  • HTTP & WebSocket API for trading mechanisms
  • Trading bots built into the platform working with different algorithms

Advantage of STOXUM for Token Holders

  • Access to the full financial reporting of the project online
  • The ability to influence voting for adding new tokens to the site
  • The possibility of creating White Label solution, having on its account a sufficient security stock of tokens
  • The possibility to take part in the moderation of content and chat rooms on the portal
  • Further increase your income with a multi-level partner program
  • Receive bonuses and privileges, related to the amount of commission for trading and the withdrawal of currency

Advantage of STOXUM for Traders

  • Clear and accessible interface
  • Registration
  • Internal currency purses
  • Deposit and withdrawal of cryptocurrency
  • Creating orders and exchange operations
  • Internal transfers between users
  • Chat and moderation
  • Two-factor authentication
  • Personal cabinet and the history of operations
  • Online support service

Advantages for Owners White Label

Operators will have access to the product which will have its own user base. Each provider will be able to customize the version of the product “out of the box” at will:

  • Visual change of components stylistics of the frontend
  • Total pool of turnover at once “out of the box”
  • Set up commissions for trades
  • High percentage of partner deductions: 60–80%
  • Adding/deleting of available cryptocurrency pairs to own ones
  • Introduction of the opportunity to conduct operations with fiat funds: make deposits, withdrawals and exchange operations with cryptocurrency
  • Organization of the verification process on the platform for legalizing your own product
  • Because of the open source code users can implement any new functional solutions at their discretion
  • Establish own commissions for bidding and any other operations
  • If it is necessary, add work with fiat currencies through the implementation of their own logic

Stoxum will publish an SDK for the modification of open source, as well as guidance and documentation that will simplify the process of modification and launch.

List of supported documents:

  • Changing the user interface, graphics, colors, logos
  • Running a project on your own domain under your brand
  • Modification of the UX in accordance with its objectives

White Label

Launching your brand in one click — the ability to launch a fully customizable brand of the exchange and legalize it to any market independently.


  • You choose the pairs and coins traded
  • Set your own fees on trades
  • Option to connect your own currencies, for example, Fiat
  • High percentage of allocations — from 60% to 80%
  • Detailed reporting on all transactions at any time
  • Ready-made launch client with the option to change the design using your own developers

Hybrid System

  • Unique operating system
  • 100% security based on the verification of all transactions via decentralized nodes
  • The best of both centralized and decentralized exchanges.
  • 1,000,000 transactions per second
  • Master nodes make it easy for anyone to launch
  • Open client source code
  • Open master node source code

Full Transparency Of Operations

Each token holder can download detailed reports on all transactions in the system.

Unique Voting System

The decision to add new coins is made by users.

An innovative voting system will factor in the overall turnover of the account, as well as the number of STOXUM tokens available.

Impossible to drive up the votes — a detailed report on all votes is available to each user in real time.

Up to 2 new tokens will be added every month by vote.


Each account will receive discounts for bidding depending on the investment.

5,000 STM and more — 3%

7,000 STM and more — 5%

12,000 STM and more — 10%

18,000 STM and more — 15%

25,000 STM and more — 20%

40,000 STM and more — 30%

80,000 STM and more — 50%

Affiliate Program

STOXUM provides the opportunity to earn by involving traders through its affiliate program.

  • The highest allocations on the market, depending on the volume of trades of the traders involved — from 20% to 50%.
  • Allocations to accounts on the platform in real time for each transaction involving the trader.
  • A two-tiered referral program; income from involved partners depending on the volume of trades — from 3% to 15%.
  • Subaccounts — launch your own affiliate program with controlled allocations for CPA networks.


A simple API to write your own trading mechanisms.

  • Detailed documentation
  • HTTP protocol compatible
  • WebSockets compatible
  • Flexible access permissions settings for tokens

Trading Bots

Ready-made trading bot mechanisms to launch on the platform


  • Flexible settings for bot parameters
  • Selection of trading algorithms
  • Limit your losses — stop loss & take profit logic
  • Launch in a single click without knowing the algorithms


September–December 2016

Origin of the idea

Search for like-minded people and expand the team

January–March 2017

Development of the project concept

Consult with traders

Analysis of the pros and cons of centralized and decentralized exchanges

March–June 2017

Finalize the platform concept

Development of algorithms for trading bots

July–December 2017

Platform architecture development

Expansion of the dispersed team

January–March 2018

Expansion of the trading functionality of the platform

Preparation for ICO

April–July 2018

Conducting ICO

Marketing to attract investors

Preliminary arrangements with exchanges to place tokens

Internal ALPHA test of the platform among the team

August 2018

Launch of the closed BETA test of the platform among token holders

Start of token placement on the exchanges

September 2018

Launch of the beta version of the platform

Token is traded on 3+ exchanges

Placment on CoinMarketCap

October 2018

Publishing the open source code of the client

Launch of the White Label solution

Commissioning of the master node and decentralization mechanism

December 2018

Launching of trading bots on the platform

Start voting for adding coins

January 2019

Token is traded on 10+ exchanges

Author’s Perspective

The market of cryptocurrency is constantly gaining momentum. The rapid growth of the audience and users indicates that in the future this market will continue its growth increasing volume. Stoxum brings a product to the market that at the moment does not have exact analogues. This product is easily scaled and integrated into new markets and sites. Many cryptocurrency exchanges are now in the market, that’s why unique feature plays a vital role in each an exchange. This feature must benefits each of its users. With the ATCP Technology, I personally think that Stoxum can dominate the existing market because of its unique feature that increases it’s own price every 10 minutes.

Note: This should not be treated as “investment advice” or as a “recommendation”. I am only sharing my own opinion on the project.

ICO Website:
Official Telegram Group:




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