“Are you sure it’s all random?”

An easy guide to checking the Deus ETH randomness

If you still doubt that everything is crystal-clear in Deus ETH, we will show you how Randao compiled the list of victims of Episode II for us, and how you can check it yourself. Look, it’s very simple:

  1. Open a Randao smart contract (etherscan.io/address/randao.deuseth.eth) and switch to “Read smart contract”:

2. Enter the campaign number (in accordance with the table in the end of the post) in “campaigns” and click on “Query”:

3. Copy the number to “random” field:

4. Click this link: https://repl.it/@deuseth/Randao

5. Enter the generated random number to the 4th line, and the number of victims to the 5th line (in accordance with the table in the end of the post):

6. Click “Run”:

7. You will see a list of victims in the right window:

Data for Deus ETH Episodes (will be updated with every new Episode)