Deus ETH Reviews

We asked our viewers to share their thoughts on the show, both positive and negative. Here’s what the people say.

Deus ETH is finally over, and we have collected some feedback from the viewers of the show. Lucky we are, most comments are very positive, although our users have mentioned some weak points.

Overall, the viewers did enjoy the show. Some were waiting impatiently for every new episode, while others checked the episodes on the website only when the show was over. The audience found the storyline captivating, and they appreciated our sense of humour, even though some parts of the story were extremely brutal. Well, Deus ETH is a survival race, and sometimes you have to be violent to save your own life.

“Absolutely love the concept of Deus ETH!” — Dean

The viewers liked the style we used to draw the heroes and the Deus ETH universe itself. One person even told us he bought his token just because the website looked pretty cool. That’s a very nice compliment, thanks! As you know, we were experimenting with different formats: videos, comics, audioplay, plain text etc. It turned out that the video format is the clear winner. We will take this into account!

Bloody Kitties and Tokencide were enjoyable and fit with the overall expected ambiance of the series”, — Nate

We know that blockchain, smart contracts etc. is not that easy to understand. Still, one of the token owners was very enthusiastic and told us that the show helped him learn a lot about blockchain and led him to do his own research. That’s really great! The more people understand how the show works, the less call us scammers.

“I have learned a lot about blockchain tech in the last couple months, and Deus ETH really helped get the ball rolling for me.” — Nate

It was very important for us to make the show fair and transparent. We’ve been using Randao smart contracts to determine the names of the victims in each and every episode of the show. We asked you to participate and submit numbers to Randao, and some actually did, although there weren’t many participants.

“The humour thrown into Hard Fork made it #1 for me”, — Nate

We did our best to give the viewers all the necessary information about the project. Thank you for your letters, questions, comments, likes and shares. Your support is super important to us. We will definitely do better in the upcoming show that we’re now working on here in Tokenville Studio!

*Thanks to Nate, Nic, Dean, Chris and Sergey for the feedback.