How the drama works in Deus ETH

All the heroes are the main ones. How does it affect the plot?

Apr 28, 2018 · 3 min read

Over the course of millennia, drama has developed certain rules for telling stories. Everything is built on the idea of a protagonist pitched against an anti-hero, an impossible situation, or the whole world. The viewer watches this battle, empathizing with the protagonist.

Some Deus ETH characters

Due to its decentralization and unpredictability, the drama in Deus ETH, written in smart contracts, forces us to solve the problem when the protagonist might die at any time during the show (literally anytime).


Imagine a saloon in the Wild West, where everyone is armed and ready for shooting. We are following a new sheriff — an adherent of idealistic views on law and order. The shooting begins, and he dies on his first working day. We agree, the story is not very exciting.

But let’s acquaint ourselves with the other participants in the shooting. Here is an Indian who betrayed his people. In the corner there’s one of the most dangerous criminals, whose family was killed by a gang of Indians, and he sits there narrowing his eyes. The bartender is a failed writer, seeking inspiration in the wild world.

Mrs. Stacey

On the stage there’s a beautiful lady, whose youth passed in the best theaters of the old world, and now she in a godforsaken place entertaining criminals and drunkards. A drunken priest wanders wobbly from table to table, with his faith in God and hope for salvation lost, and begs for some money for a drink.

The shooting in the saloon suddenly becomes more interesting for us. The stakes are rising.


Who will survive? There are no main characters, because all the heroes are the main ones. In this simple example, you can understand how the drama works in Deus ETH. The viewer can watch the conflict from any point of the narrative. The main engine of the plot is the its own collision with a lot of bright characters.

Don’t forget to visit to check out the adventures of our heroes.


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