Interview: Temoto from Deus ETH

Feb 15, 2018 · 2 min read

We had a chance to ask the new bright talent, the actor who played Temoto in Deus ETH, a few questions. This outstanding young man surprised all of us with his acting. And his answers.

Token 0000001 with his pet kitty Effie

Who are you playing in Deus ETH?

I am Temoto, a sort of young and ambitious leader who is fighting his way through the problems. He’s going to prove himself in the story later.

Token 0000001 as Temoto

Do you think Temoto is the main character?

No! No one in this show is the main character. My hero can die in the next episode, just like anyone else can. The funny thing is, no one can do anything about it.

Are CryptoKitties featured in Deus ETH world?

Well, Kittens used to be tokens’ pets, but then things have changed. I think you’d better watch the show for the answer.

I personally love kittens. They are so cute. Very useless, though.

What will you do when Deus ETH ends?

I am planning to be a star in next seasons as well. Even if I will die, heh! But I am open for new projects. As a professional actor, I have to develop my skills to be able to play various roles. I’d like to play something more dramatic. I love drama.

How many seasons of Deus ETH are coming?

It’s a secret. But as far as I know, the Universe of tokens will be much bigger than the Star Wars saga.

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