Fintegry joined TOKIA’s family

TOKIA CEO Nathan Tafer and Fintegry CEO Justas Noreika

We are happy to announce that TOKIA is moving towards the bright future. Today we declare that our CEO Nathan Tafer has signed cooperation agreement with Fintegry CEO Justas Noreika.

TOKIA is building a bridge between the traditional the payment infrastructure and blockchain based assets and currencies by introducing a large variety of flat currencies that will ensure that the whole cryptocurrency world is spinning faster thanks to the increased liquidity of assets. TOKIA’s exchange will also have a built-in cold storage feature to make all your blockchain based funds safe yet easy to access. This will help the technology spread faster, especially in the parts of the world where traditional banking systems can’t offer financial services accessible to all.

TOKIA is able to offer high quality services due to the team’s and management’s constant endeavors. We also are working hard to attract the best specialists of the field and because of this reason company FINTEGRY has recently joined TOKIA’s family.


FINTEGRY is a Lithuanian company that offers programming and analytical services, such as various software solutions, market research, business processes, customer needs and competitive analysis. It’s target market is the one with an intense competitive environment where FINTEGRY is able to create or adapt company’s business plans in a more innovative, creative and insightful manner.

In today’s market, digital solutions are more of a necessity rather than a luxury, therefore FINTEGRY’s team is working hard to transform the customer’s needs and ideas into software solutions that make the business processes more efficient and profitable.

FINTEGRY is proud of its experienced team, which employs experienced analysts, designers and programmers that have acquired extensive experience in designing targeted complex solutions to meet any new challenges. Justas Noreika, the CEO of FINTEGRY, spent eight years in Paysera where he was responsible for product development and has led the product department for the last year and a half. Together with his team, they have been integrating systems of varying degrees and complexity by adapting to existing infrastructure or starting from scratch to such customers as Citadele Bank, CreditInfo, DanskeBank, DNB Bank, Credit24 and many others.