Mastercard & Visa holders can now buy Tokia tokens directly

Great news from Tokia — starting tomorrow buying our tokens will be possible with MasterCard and Visa.

Being the ones who are aiming to bridge the gap between crypto currencies and traditional fiat currencies, we asked ourselves the question: why not start now and make contribution to the project straightforward and simple as well? With that in mind, our team has been working to enable payments with traditional bank cards.

It is important to be flexible and reach existing crypto currency adopters as well as those, who haven’t yet made their leap out of the world of traditional banking.

Making blockchain based payments reliable and convenient by building on the strengths of traditional banking and payment infrastructure is one of TOKIA’s strategic cornerstones.

We’re demonstrating our commitment to this in early business development stages as well.

Tokia ICO is now live. Great to know that in the first 7 hours of our ICO pre-sale we have already reached our soft-cap. We hope that simplifying the processes will enable more people to contribute to the project and help them become a part of both: the blockchain ecosystem and this unique project.