For All of Elon Musk’s Brilliance, He Can’t Grasp This Fundamental Concept
Paris Marx

Acceptance of your arguments requires what I think of as a superficial understanding of Musk’s objectives. You suggest that his vision requires the deployment of electric vehicles at the expense of public transit. That is not his objective. His plan is to provide a car for drivers who would otherwise buy a gasoline burning car.

You suggest that solar roofs are only useful to upscale single unit housing owners. Solar power is being widely deployed by cities, businesses, and homeowners. If you live in an apartment you have little or no control over anything but furnishings — and apartment dwellers are fine with that trade-off. You might prefer renting an apartment with Solar on the roof and smaller electric bills. People who live in small homes or multi-family units need fewer panels to realize economic benefits, as they use less power.

Musk’s vision of populating Mars seems silly to most people, agreed. However, the accumulated accomplishments of SpaceX to date are nothing less that revolutionary. They have entirely changed the expectations of the market — and have caused many people to start dreaming of world changing applications.

Scaling up in the way that Tesla is attempting to do right now is unimaginably difficult. I sympathize with the workers, but wonder at how they might work out some of the difficulties (e.g. by carpooling) amongst themselves. Being a frequent visitor to southern California I must insist that most of the problems you describe are self inflicted. The freeways were designed to operate with minimal congestion provided that vehicles are driven at the speed limit. Residents of the area (including law enforcement officials) refuse to observe the speed limits in the same way that they refuse to carpool and/or use public transit. AND the majority of these road users are, in fact, affluent.

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