BISS DeFi — A smart and innovative way to invest by Tokoin

Tokoin is Indonesia’s first blockchain-based platform that aims to support small business institutions and build a promising digital ecosystem for businesses, backed by the latest technological advancements. Our highly proficient team constantly works in the best interests of both MSMEs as well as investors. To take this mission to the next level and harness the true power of DeFi (Decentralized Finance), we have launched the Blockchain Innovative Smart Savings (BISS) DeFi program. This is a decentralized finance program. Therefore, no centralized authority will have control over your assets.

This program will be remarkably beneficial to both MSMEs as well as investors. On one side, we will accumulate funds to support MSMEs. These companies have been struggling to receive adequate funds to sustain and expand. On the other hand, investors will be able to leverage the advantages of this program.

Let’s learn about this program in detail -

This BISS DeFi program is a carefully designed method to bring together all the members of the Crypto communities and allow them an opportunity to contribute to the overall growth of the platform. In return, investors will receive exponential rewards. It is quite similar to staking programs.

The exciting news is that this one-of-its-kind program is open to everyone. All you need to do is lock some TOKO tokens and be eligible to join BISS DeFi by locking USDT, and you are ready to go. Simple!

Just make sure that you lock the minimum required number of TOKO and USDT tokens.

To ensure the best-optimized results and monitor the situation meticulously, we will be tracking this BISS DeFi program every 5 minutes.

Just remember these easy but important rules -

  • Once you are enrolled in the program, your TOKO tokens or USDT tokens will be locked.
  • You must lock in a minimum number of required tokens to join the program.
  • The maximum number of USDT tokens an individual can lock in is 100,000 USDT.
  • Even if you have already joined the TOKO staking program, this program is for you. You can join the BISS DeFi program. Just make sure that you must not withdraw TOKO tokens from your wallet.
  • Do not withdraw your TOKO tokens or USDT tokens at any time during the program. We don’t want you to be disqualified. That’s the most important rule to remember. If you do so, your returns will expire.
  • Your staked tokens can be added together. For example, the minimum TOKO tokens required to participate in the BISS DeFi program is 350,000 TOKO tokens. If two months ago, you have already staked 50,000 TOKO, then you can stake 300,000 TOKO more to join this BISS DeFi program.

Once you are done, just sit back and relax. Your work is finished.

Details of the Funds

We understand that the requirements and capabilities of each investor are different. Therefore, keeping in mind the needs of everyone, we have introduced three different types of funds. Let’s explore them –

  • Silver BISS is a program with a minimum TOKO holding of 350,000 TOKO tokens.
  • An investor can fund a minimum USDT to fund is 5,000 USDT and a maximum of 50,000 USDT.
  • This fund has a 3.6% APR for 3 months (Monthly Rate).
  • Gold BISS is a program with a minimum TOKO holding of 600,000 TOKO tokens.
  • An investor can fund a minimum USDT to fund is 7,500 USDT and a maximum of 75,000 USDT.
  • This fund has a 6% APR for 3 months (Monthly Rate).
  • Platinum BISS is a program with a minimum TOKO holding of 1,000,000 TOKO tokens.
  • An investor can fund a minimum USDT to fund is 10,000 USDT and a maximum of 100,000 USDT.
  • This fund has a 7.2% APR for 3 months (Monthly Rate).


MSMEs in South-East Asia economies are facing issues in receiving enough financial support to sustain and grow. MSMEs usually have low production and limited resources, and that’s why they cannot take advantage of economies of scale. Tokoin aims to provide opportunities for MSMEs to establish a reputation profile that helps them build trust with banks, suppliers, and financial service providers. By becoming a data distribution platform for trading ecosystems, Tokoin helps businesses to expand exponentially.

TOKO token is the main utility token in the Tokoin ecosystem. The platform includes MSMEs, suppliers, financial intermediaries, and service providers. For MSMEs, tokens will be a crucial factor in their digital reputation. The more TOKO tokens they own, the higher would be their credit scoring. Once approved by MSME, partners can get access to that information by staking tokens. It is a win-win situation for everyone.

The overall growth of MSMEs will always be our priority. Tokoin will continue to leverage blockchain technology and enhance the performance of our platform and the services offered.

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