Tokoin is pleased to announce that we have officially released our updated Whitepaper, the most comprehensive look into the Tokoin project and ecosystem to date. Like the recent listing of $TOKO and the introduction of T-Fi, this marks a significant milestone for us. The whitepaper can be read here:

Before we get into the specifics, though, a quick definition for those who are unfamiliar with the blockchain industry: a Whitepaper is an informative document published by a business or nonprofit (typically in the blockchain industry) to promote or highlight the features of a solution, product, or service that the business or nonprofit intends to make available to the public.

In the Tokoin Whitepaper, in addition to a full introduction of the project, it also highlights the products of our ecosystem / partnership that benefits the utility of TOKO token, including:

● T-Fi (Tokoin DeFi): A financial transaction platform without intermediaries. Take control of your crypto assets and determine how to profit from them. High APY, APR, staking, farming, lending, and borrowing are all possibilities. T-Fi intends to deliver staking/farming to fledgling gamefi projects without the means to build it up themselves. With T-Fi as an accelerator, they can focus on designing their own game.

● My-T Wallet (Mobile Wallet App): A mobile wallet app that allows blockchain projects to use a safe, audited wallet with handy features without developing, testing, and auditing their own wallet.

● FRONTERA (NFT Platform): A whole ecosystem of NFT services and products for holders. Frontera will enable $TOKO use in NFT.

● Tokoin Foundation (OFU Capital): This is an investment fund for blockchain projects that expand the use and ecology of $TOKO.

Thereby, Tokoin’s long-term vision is to create a one-stop ecosystem of blockchain-related products and services to facilitate the adoption of blockchain technology by various organizations. Our consolidated ecosystem is designed to address concerns across the board, including those relating to finance, operations, and expansion.

Besides, the Whitepaper also details important information about Utilization of $TOKO. Users may utilize the TOKO token as a universal currency and transfer mechanism across all of our ecosystems. Staking, lottery, and lending are just some of the ecosystem services that the TOKO token supports. From a technological standpoint, $TOKO connects other chains to the system and brings conventional initiatives into the crypto business.

Next, we also clearly outline $TOKO Tokenomics information, both overall and current circulating.

We are confident to be a long-term project, so we also clearly and transparently disclose Tokoin’s upcoming roadmap for all users to understand.

And finally, a great project also needs great minds. The whitepaper will introduce you to all the talented people behind Tokoin and will accompany the project on the way to building a perfect decentralized economy.



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