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Jul 17 · 3 min read

Partnerships are the best way to penetrate into any market as it is only through collaborative efforts that progress can be made. Tokoin’s understanding of the local environment and global best practices has resulted in them establishing government and local/regional partners for maximum exposure.

Big players in the Indonesian marketplace actively adopt new technologies and are looking to partner with technology companies to help improve customer experience/satisfaction and solve the inherent problem in Indonesia’s MSME sector.

It comes as no surprise that Tokoin, with their local founding team, has garnered the support of some established companies in Indonesia, Ralali being one of them. Partnering in November 2018, Ralali is Indonesia’s largest B2B marketplace and was founded in 2013.

Why is this a big deal?

In simple terms, this partnership gives Tokoin access to the platform which currently connects vendors to MSMEs, bringing in 3.3 million unique visitors each month. Their platform currently has:

  • 500,000 verified vendors (MSMEs)
  • Close to 400,000 customers
  • +600,000 SKUs
  • 1000 sub-categories
  • 100+ Brand partners

Being able to onboard users, a vast majority of whom are MSMEs onto the Tokoin platform will give them the opportunity to create a verifiable digital identity and reputation. This gives MSME’s access to financial services, including credit facilities, enabling their growth through other companies that have partnered with Tokoin.

Everyone involved stands to benefit from this partnership. Increased access to funding from MSMEs will result in more orders to the vendors leading to increased sales. As time passes, more MSMEs will realize that there is an inherent advantage being aboard the Tokoin platform as this gives them direct access to various other partners who, in turn, will onboard more customers. Support from Government Ministries is a good sign as well. It’s a win-win situation.

Joseph Aditya, Founder, and CEO of Ralali has not only witnessed the advent of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies in Indonesia but is also a strong advocate of blockchain technology and it’s potential. Joseph would eventually come across another company from Indonesia who is actively trying to overcome the challenges MSMEs face in doing business — Tokoin, with whom Ralali would eventually partner with.

Reiner Rahardja, CEO of Tokoin believes that such a partnership will play a key role, especially where supply chain, transportation, logistics, and warehousing are concerned as these are vital in contributing to the growth of MSMEs.


Established in 2013, is B2B Marketplace, under Raksasa Laju Lintang Ltd. Currently, as the biggest marketplace online B2B in Indonesia, offers a variety of business categories, starting from MRO (Maintenance, Repair & Operation), HoReCa (Hotel, Restaurant & Café), and much more. offers a simple yet safe and trusted purchasing method, wholesale prices, thousands of sellers along with many promos, discounts, and attractive offers. also has more than 600,000 SKUs, 30,000 orders, 500,000 sellers, more than 400,000 customers, 200,000 users, and 3.3 million visitors every month from all over Indonesia. also focuses on development and innovation of their technology with the aim of facilitating the business needs in Indonesia such as Ralali billing (for electricity, credit and PDAM payments) and Ralali quotation (request platform for business needs).

Tokoin Official

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