TOKOIN Telegram Contest — Stake Up TOKO

Tokoin Official
Jul 13, 2019 · 3 min read

Hey …. Hey…. Been a while TOKOIN global have not held activities ; we would like to reward our community with TOKOIN stake up — Telegram contest where you could win TOKO. By being actively participated in TOKOIN Global group

Here’s the detail for the rules and regulations of the campaign that will be separated into 3 phases :

Phase 1 : 13 July — 16 July

Phase 2 : 17 July — 20 July

Phase 3 : 21 July — 24 July

We will selected top 10 active members in TOKOIN Global group to win some TOKO prizes with a total of 1800 TOKO in each phase :

top 1–3 each will get @250 TOKO,

top 4–10 each will get @150 TOKO

The top 10 winners will be eligible to get TOKO if following the rules stated below:

  1. Have to joined TOKOIN Global community group in
  2. Only allowed to use English in Tokoin Global chat group
  3. only those who sparked active and positive message in the group , Discussion about TOKOIN and how TOKOIN will be used based on the whitepaper ad articles release; speculation about prices will be deemed inappropriate. excessive use of stickers or gif will be considered as spam hence will disqualified
  4. NOT ALLOWED to called combot and other bots more than 3 times otherwise entries will be deemed as spam and will be disqualified from the contest during each phase
  5. During the audit if founded flood percentage more than 10% in each phase will be disqualified
  6. Minimum 25 messages/day in the telegram group required to be considered as eligible winners for the top 10 winners
  7. Discussion Topic have to around TOKOIN if founded unrelated and get worn by admin more than 3 times will be disqualified
  8. After each phase finish the day after it ended the admin will announce the result 15.00 UTC+1 in google excel file all data and the result will be transparent ; if no objection from the community the winners could send their details to TOKOIN team
  9. The reward TOKO token will be given more less 7 days after each phase ended.


If at the end off all period there`s no eligible winner in phases from phase 1 to phase the bonus round will be dismiss

At the end of 3 phases all top 50 in each phase will have a chance to win a pool bonus round (for those who didn’t win the chance in top 10 but fulfill as the requirement stated above will have a chance to joined the bonus round; in total will be 150 selected account) , The bonus round will have a total of 3500 TOKO for 3 winners:

1st winner @1500 TOKO,

2nd winner @1250 TOKO,

3rd winners @750 TOKO

*TOKOIN team deserved to disqualify the participant if deemed inappropriate and breaking the rules ; TOKOIN team deserved the right to change the rules of the game if needed and ended the campaign earlier if necessary

Learn about TOKOIN using this link:






Telegram Announcement Channel:

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