Tokoin’s 2022 Review: A Year of Achievements, Milestones and the Future

Dear Tokoin Community,

The financial markets and blockchain/cryptocurrency in particular are expected to undergo significant shifts in 2022. Nonetheless, this has been a fruitful year for Tokoin, despite the market slump. What are we waiting for? Let’s get to work and recap the amazing events of 2022 at Tokoin.

Major success milestones

The year 2022 was marked by many significant achievements that firmly established our position as an industry leader in terms of innovation.

About the product:

This year, we’ve worked hard to build and enhance a variety of products, both in terms of quality and functionality, and by adding additional incentives to enable customers and partners to have a better experience and, most importantly, reap greater rewards. Tokoin has also made significant headway in integrating and introducing TOKO to additional DEX and CEX markets, hence furthering the development of the new ecosystem.

Some of the major steps toward achieving product success that we’ve taken are:

$TOKO Farming x Frontera NFT collaboration

Tokoin Collaborating with WadzPay & FronteraNFT

Tokoin listed on Indonesian biggest exchange platform, Indodax

Tokoin launch new simpler interface on the Tokoin Website

De-Fi project Tokoin T-Fi launch

Tokoin is listed and integrated in exchange all-in one De-Fi platform, Coin98

Tokoin De-Fi (T-Fi) farming launch

HuobiGlobal joined in T-Fi Farming Pool

DEAPcoin joined Tokoin Ecosystem

Tokoin launch NFT Marketplace collaboration with Frontera

Tokoin Bridge is available in T-Wallet and T-Fi

BEP 20 is available on Tokoin Ecosystem

Staking is Available on T-Fi

4 New staking pool is available on T-Fi (DOGE, DEP, C98, BNB)

Tokoin increasing TOKO / BNB liquidity pool on DEXs

Tokoin officially Listed on Bitrue

In terms of cooperation:

Moreover, this year presents a wealth of possibilities to reach out to and collaborate with potential new partners, paving the way for the establishment of many crucial alliances. Tokoin’s DWF Labs investment event is one of them; it will enable us to amass more robust resources in time for our 2023 debut.

Please see below for a summary of the major achievements of our relationship thus far:

Minting on Frontera NFT collaboration

Tokoin collaborating With Monopoly Game

Tokoin partnership with Kommunitas

Tokoin COO become A speaker at Wuhub event

Tokoin Global Investor Night Ho Chi Minh City with KuCoin

Tokoin Global Investor Night Bali as a side event from Coinfest Asia

Tokoin 3rd Anniversary

Tokoin successfully raised an undisclosed investment from DWF Labs

What will welcome us in 2023

This fast expansion of the blockchain industry makes it challenging to chart a strategic course for our company’s long-term development. The following 12 months, though, will see us zero in on a handful of critical advances.

So, let’s talk about the big ideas we’ve been kicking about!

◾ De-Fi Game: A various mini game ecosystem inside T-Fi that allows users to win rewards with TOKO tokens.

◾ Lending De-Fi Protocol: We’ll allow NFT/Token collateralized lending, which helps our holders. TOKO is a liquidity token for investors that require instant liquidity for our investment.

◾ Expand the ecosystem around TOKO more: We will build more adoption of this token through our technology. In addition, TOKO will also be listed on more platforms of partners, helping users enjoy as many benefits as possible.

◾ Expanding Our Network: We’ll soon integrate TOKO token on more networks and chains to support our growing ecosystem.

◾ Opening up SDK for partners: We want to open our ecosystem SDK to local governments and other traditional businesses, making it simpler for them to use our blockchain technology.

◾ TOKOIN Blockchain Network: Tokoin is building a blockchain network. We’ll use NPoS and Substrate as our framework. The Tokoin network will keep gas fees low, secure, and scalable.

Our expectations for 2023 are strong, and we anticipate it will surpass even those of 2022. We want the same for the whole crypto community. In the end, we all want the same thing: a more open and decentralized world.

To close out this recap, our CEO Welly Salim has some management statements to share about closing out 2022 and welcoming 2023.

“We made it to 2023! It was not an easy year for our industry, but we always strive to be better despite the circumstances.

2022 was a year where we, Tokoin, focused on building and developing, 2023 onwards will be the year of expansion. Thankful for all the partners, supporters, colleagues and valuable lessons this year, looking forward to an even more amazing year next!”

For further information or just to say a friendly ‘Hello’, do not hesitate to reach out to us on:



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