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Typeface design studio based in Indonesia. We design and develop typefaces for brands & companies.

Buka Sans® introduced as a new powerful typographic asset for Bukalapak’s new brand identity.

Buka Sans, our newest custom typeface project for Bukalapak, we team up with Thinking Room Inc and Budi Tanrim from Bukalapak Design to develop custom made typefaces for Bukalapak brand new identity.

Since the day Bukalapak started, they have already used several different typefaces. As the brand keeps evolving from time to time, they realized the necessity to have their own unique custom-made typeface. The kind of typeface that answers all their needs to express their characters at the same time.


Jenius Sans is a compact companion of Jenius, an online banking platform from Bank BTPN. Jenius sans represents the continuity, flexibility, and possibilities of the brand to work with its visual system, how the brand weave in and out of the lives of the public. The consistency of each character shown in this typeface remains harmonized to blend in the design contents.

In 2016, Bank BTPN got in touch with Leo Burnett Indonesia to create a branding for Bank BTPN new platform for a revolutionary digital banking in Indonesia, Jenius. The agency was team up with Visious Studio who worked on the developing brand identity, brand guidelines, and production. …

Gramatika consistently tailored to customized to meet the classic grotesque-ish contemporary style. By offsetting the balance and flexibility, Gramatika established to create alternative communications for current trends and consists of several weights including Light to Black, from now, it’s equipped with Latin Pro, Cyrillic, and Greek language support.

Gramatika is our first project when we begin running Tokotype back in early 2016, we encouraged making the common grotesque typefaces, but with more neutral and subtle, the typeface was originally referenced from 19th-century Bauersche Schriftgiesserei’s, Venus Fett, and Berthold’s AG Book®, unified with more rounded form to meets today…

Celaraz is typeface with structural forms and pushes the stroke contrast. The idea evolved from the didone styles and wedge serif forms to feel explicit with the contrast remain visible and consistent on each character. The final result with contemporary styles making this typeface well-suited face for large setting display as well as the medium size design and Celaraz consists of four weights with companion italic.

Celaraz adapted based on certain tones that retained the contrast of the classic typefaces, “how we can make a design that looks like sans-serif and feels like serif?”, that’s our first thing in our mind when designing this type family. …

Tokotype is a micro digital type foundry setup based in Indonesia, established in 2016, Tokotype create and publish the wide range typeface with a contemporary and authentic approach. And today, after several months of hard work and support from our friends, we are happy to announce the brand new Tokotype’s site is available for everyone today.

We are excited to announce the launch of our new site! After several months of hard work and support from our friends, we are happy to announce the official launch today! The brand new Tokotype’s site is available for everyone and the new URL

Our goal with this new…

Tokotype Studio

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