Originally posted on tokudu.com on 07/03/2011

Virality works. It’s a fact. It’s the core business component of many modern startups. It’s their key to retention, growth and, thus, success. 15 years ago, it took Hotmail almost a year to grow to 3 million users. In the past year, startups like Kik and LiveProfile did it in weeks and days. How? The answer is simple -viriality.

For a while, I’ve thought of virality as a mythical term that douchey business guys threw around to get investors empty their pockets for a new cool Web 2.0 startup. However, as I got more…

Anton L.

Eng Manager @Snapchat. Android hacker, and a product design geek. Previously: cofounder of @UmanoApp (acquired by @Dropbox), @Google, @Pixar, @Kik.

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