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Virality works. It’s a fact. It’s the core business component of many modern startups. It’s their key to retention, growth and, thus, success. 15 years ago, it took Hotmail almost a year to grow to 3 million users. In the past year, startups like Kik and LiveProfile did it in weeks and days. How? The answer is simple -viriality.

For a while, I’ve thought of virality as a mythical term that douchey business guys threw around to get investors empty their pockets for a new cool Web 2.0 startup. However, as I got more…

Originally posted on tokudu.com on 03/22/2010

In July of this year, I will be starting my first real full-time job. It’s no longer gonna be an internship that will eventually end in 4 month. So it’s definitely a bit scary. However, what is even more terrifying is the kind of a job that I will be starting. It’s Google Associate Product Manager. Google describes this position like this:

The Associate Product Manager Program is an elite two-year rotational program, consisting of two one-year rotations, designed for top recent computer science graduates who are interested in exploring product development and leadership…

StrictMode (android.os.StrictMode) is an amazing tool that should be used by any Android developer that cares about quality and performance of their app. There are plenty resources available online that discuss the benefits of StrictMode and how you can get started. I will leave this discussion out of scope of this post, so you can take my word that StrictMode is too awesome to ignore.

However, one of the unfortunate disadvantages of StrictMode is that up until Android P (which added penaltyListener) once you implement StrictMode, it’s applied as a blanket policy for your entire app. …

If you are interested in purchasing the code descriped in this paper, you can do so here: https://gum.co/floral


Floral decoration was a commonly used type of ornamental design throughout the Middle Ages [1]. Many of the illuminated manuscripts that date to the Medieval times used floral ornament for illusrations, decorative bands and margins [2]. Figure 1 provides some examples of the historical usage of floral ornament. These examples demonstrate that floral ornament comes in different shapes and forms, but it is often used to achieve a common goal of filling in the empty space on a page in a random…

I was recently helping out a friend and migrating his contracting company’s website to Squarespace. In general, Squarespace is an amazing and powerful tool for creating mostly static websites with very little effort. Their toolkit includes various plugins such Open Table integration and Forms, which make Squarespace a very attractive choice for all kinds of small businesses.

However, as I was tinkering with Squarespace I ran into one annoying limitation. If would like to add a Contact Us form to your site, the emails that it would send to you cannot be customized and they look like this:

One issue…

On Android you can often run into a problem of adding a background color to each line of a TextView instead of the entire text to create a wrap-around effect of some sort. The simple way of doings this to use a BackgroundColorSpan or LineBackgroundSpan like so:

BackgroundColorSpan Example

The main problem with this approach it that the background is drawn only behind the text, and you can’t specify any sort of padding for each line:

Let’s just say it looks pretty ugly, especially on the left and the right of the each line.

A typical suggestion to fix this…

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