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  • Oleg Kostour

    Oleg Kostour

  • Snowball


    Notifications are great -- until you get too many of them. Snowball makes sure you get the notifications you want and none of the rest.

  • Matthew Fornaciari

    Matthew Fornaciari

    Founder & former CTO of @Gremlin | Proponent of digital minimalism and deep work.

  • Brandon Bilinski

    Brandon Bilinski

  • Spencer Rascoff

    Spencer Rascoff

    Co-founder and former CEO @ZillowGroup. Co-author of Zillow Talk. Host of Office Hours podcast. Passionate about all things culture, leadership and management.

  • itgrrl


  • TechCrunch Onion

    TechCrunch Onion

    Silicon Valley's Finest News Source.

  • Josh Dzielak

    Josh Dzielak

    Co-founder & CTO @OrbitModel · hiring kind people · advocate for advocates 🥑 · ruby 🚂 rails • move fast and fix things ✌🏻

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