Tomato juice

Today Suddenly I wanted to drink definitely but I wondered that have I ever found it since I come to Singapore?

Anyway I tried to go “Fare prices” but I could not find.

After that I went to go “Daiso” for getting my breakfast or something.

In fact Daiso have helped me very much since I come to Singapore.

White rice,Miso soup,condiments and so on.

Actually I used to eat breakfast since I was junior high school students.

So I want to eat something every morning honestly want to eat steam rice.

When I was in Japan I cooked rice by myself and since I come to Singapore Daiso gave me it every morning.

So far every week I bought many thing at Daiso as my breakfast.

It is very helpful for me.

Anyway today when I wen to buy something for my breakfast I tried to find Tomato juice as well……..

I have found it!!!!!

Wow! What a helpful is it!

Of course I have bought up all stock there and after I payed I have tried to drink one….


Very good as I drunk when I drunk at Japan.

I’m very satisfied and will go to get it every week from now……

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