Rugby World Cup promotions that put Japanese audiences at the heart of the action

Sep 4 · 8 min read

What does the Rugby World Cup represent for Japan?

Sponsor-led promotions

The All Blacks stride proudly through the streets of Tokyo — Source: YouTube
‘No matter what, I’m always looking ahead’. Source — YouTube
Source: Lipovitan D
Heineken branded folding fan — Source: 7-Eleven

‘500 Days to Go’ — Social Media and Live Events

Source: Rugby World Cup
‘500 Days to Go in Marunouchi’ — Source: Twitter

Official Rugby World Cup 2019 Mascots

Source: Higashi Osaka

Songs for the Rugby World Cup 2019

A coach offers advice to Rugby players before a match — Source: YouTube
A Japanese manager consults with his team during a meeting — Source: YouTube
Source: YouTube

Sports promotion in Japan can take on many forms


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