We know pitching can be hard, especially for newer writers, so we at the ÀLAFÍÀ Editorial Team have made a guide letting you know how best to pitch to us.

For a condensed and to the point pitch process, click here if you’re already ready to begin!

Before the Pitch

The most important thing to think about when writing a pitch is, who is this for? In other words, does the pitch fit with the type of content that a site normally publishes? Luckily for you, the scope here at ÀLAFÍÀ is pretty broad. We have three categories: Politik

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We are still fighting the same 57-year struggle for true equality and representation.

With the quarantine going on and in this current social climate, we’re being forced to face the things that we’ve ignored for so long. One of those is a reality that Black and brown people, especially those in low-income neighborhoods, have known for years: voter suppression. Racism is so systemic and pervasive in the United States that it worms its way into every social institution possible: policing, housing, education, and the voting system.

When Black people rightly complain about the many injustices we face, an ignorant white person’s first response might be to say “why don’t you just vote if…

Tosin O

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