Journey to Success in Tech

Photo taken by me: View from Sagrada Familia Towers Barcelona 2016 © All Rights Reserved

As we all know life is full of trial and error, it is down to us as people to keep striving to be the best we can be! Having many setbacks in life I have decided to let nothing stop me from pursuing my career in technology. It hasn’t been as easy as following the yellow brick road but so far it has been positive and with determination comes wonders and great things.

To continue on this exciting journey, I have learnt the importance of being extremely patient and being focused on the bigger picture. The bigger picture for me being (a successful tech programmer). I have put together a list of things like a checklist to remind me and help me stay motivated to achieve what I want and where I am going. These pointers could be adaptable to parting on a journey to achieve anything that you are passionate about, for me this will be assisting me in the journey to be a successful web developer.

So far on my journey from school to college to uni to volunteering and now at Sparta. I have learnt six things about myself that I didn’t know before in no particular order as I can’t remember which order they happened in, I can ensure that…

1. Knowing what you want to achieve and have something or someone to inspire you

2. Exploring your limitations and breaking boundaries

3. Being fearless in pursuit of what sets your soul on fire — Jennifer lee

4. A comfort zone is a beautiful place but nothing ever grows there

5. Why fit in when you were born to stand out — dr suess

6. The only time you should ever look back is to see how far you’ve come

I am sure there are loads of other inspirational points that are useful and very effective but these are just what have worked and are still working. *thumbs up!*

It is so very easy to become distracted, unmotivated, unsure basically negative about your journey to success and that’s ok. However remind yourself of why you have started this journey plus the desire to want to achieve should be enough to bring you back to the positive side and once you have reached the top it will all be worth it. To be honest having a hopeful mindset has helped me along the way and ‘Knowing that I Actually Can!’

Good Luck on your pursuit to success! x