I was in 8th grade. It was 2007–2008 and the presidential debates were going on. A white guy versus Barack Obama. He looked black, spoke white, had a funny last name. He looked interesting enough but politics was never really my thing. See, growing up in America and not being a citizen .. there’s no incentive to listen to these future presidents of the United States. All I heard was tax breaks that were going to benefit everyone, except I was working with some one else’s social security number. I listened to these men speak about new jobs that were going to be created yet, I probably wouldn’t be able to get one. I heard about this land of the free, yet I was always busy hiding in the shadows. Never the less, that strange man I saw on the screen won and people were livid. We had no idea what we could expect the next 4 years (we later found out it would be 8 years) but those 8 years are up and we are saying #FarewellObama.

When I found out Donald Trump won presidency I cried. I cried because of the progress we made as a country. Because for once I felt like an American. I was able to contribute, my loved ones were able to get married.. I felt like we were all created equal and all of a sudden, the fear that I used to feel growing up, was back.

Thank you for your service Barack Obama. You will be missed ✊🏻

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