Life works in mysterious ways.

One day you’re contemplating your whole existence and then you catch up with your neighbor at the gym and realize that he’s living your dream life. His name is Michelle and he has an awesome French Canadian accent, he’s from Montreal but was born in Boston. Yet he found himself in a chic remodeled apartment in Phoenix after his LA job transferred him here. He works in media marketing .. Movies to be exact. He works for this company called Warner Bros … no big deal 🤔

Jimmy and I got into a semi-argument as we walked to grab frozen yogurt the other day because as I mentioned before, my ambition is making me unhappy at my current job. Now I’ve always been irresponsible and ruin good things when they’re getting good but I’ve done it gracefully and I’ve always found myself gaining more than I lost. I don’t want to jinx it but that’s just how it’s happened. We were talking about my 2 month work break that I’m gonna be involuntarily taking and I told him I wanna jump into something different once I’m able to again. Now I’m a worry wart and I’m far from being a risk taker but no one in the world is more straight edge than Jimmy. That man plays by the rules and it’s taken him pretty far .. But I’m young, dumb and reckless and I wanna learn the hard way. So we got into a disagreement because not only am I gonna suffer unwanted monetary consequences I’m debating quitting my job.. That means I’m gonna be out of a job for a week to a month longer than I would if I were to just jump back into it. That’s not to say that Jimmy wouldn’t pick up the slack for me but neither he, or myself want that but I just want something new. I told him I’m intrigued by business and marketing and that I’d like to go back to school for that and we seemed to come to a neutral agreement when we talked about me going back to school. It was just an idea in the back of my mind, probably fueled by the endless amounts of mad men I’ve been watching for the past month but little do you know my neighbor had been in the industry for over 20 years! If that isn’t divine intervention I don’t know what is.. I think I found my new venture

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