#ToleranceClass: Put a stop to hate on Social Media

The internet is no longer the place where you reconnect with friends, and share those beloved moments in your life. It has given way to trolling, bullying and speech so hateful it will leave you appalled at how a human could feel this way about any living thing.

Malicious comments, inciteful tweets, threats and shaming where did it come from? How did it get so bad?

Today, it is the latest way to communicate, for some teens, it’s the only way. But unlike direct communication, social media offers the protection of anonymity, so that it is easier to pass offensive and hurtful comments when you can not see the face of the person you’re attacking. #ToleranceClass is a social movement that originated in Nigeria and is taking a stance against hate speech on social media. Suffering for it’s diversity, Nigeria struggles with an Islamic insurgency and undercurrents of tension stemming from tribal and gender bigotry, meaning that Nigerians seem to be constantly embroiled in a ‘fight’…but is this a fight the next generation has to inherit?

Children who are born knowing nothing of why ‘this tribe’ should be hated will learn this in time, as they discover online that being born into a religion, tribe or gender is a potential sin waiting to be branded.

Spreading the message of tolerance in a documentary titled ‘Let’s Talk’, #ToleranceClass is a social movement that looks set to reorient the way we communicate. Determined to curb hate speech on Nigerian blogs and social media by promoting ‘tolerance’, the movement talks about introducing ‘Tolerance’ as a subject in the formative years of education.


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