The Marks of Fate

They say the Mycelium Mines contain an ancient secret, hidden in the forgotten passages. A trace of the unspoken rituals and powerful magic… Could it bear the answers you search for? It is time for you to go down there… again.

We are thrilled to welcome you to Mycelium Mines once again for a special event called “The Marks of Fate”. The event is an addition to The First Adventure also known as our pre-alpha.

Basic info:

The Story

The Guardian was accidentally created during a complex ritual, that involved the four essential aspects of magic: Sevend (Light), Keth (Darkness), Tah (Movement), and Elve (Rest). Bearers of any artifacts, that are truly connected to these aspects, can use their power to cast certain spells and effects. These artifacts are a very rare occasion, and people believe, they can change their owner’s fate, for better or worse. Thus, they are often called “Marks of Fate”.

The soul of the Guardian is held within a Soul Stone and contains all four magical aspects combined.

When this Soul Stone gets destroyed, one of the released aspects manifests into a Mark of Fate, connected to that aspect. The Mycelium Magic of Altar decides which aspect to assign when the Soul Stone is destroyed, and the Altar, as we know, is unpredictable…




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